St. Johns Cathedral


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With these pages we want to tell you more about our beautiful island. In this section you'll find the official and the unofficial, the past and the present, the land and the people as well as all other living things! We've also created a special place for churches and community organizations in Antigua.

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40KNOTS offers high quality kitesurfing lessons and equipment in Nonsuch Bay, as well as windsurfing and stand up paddling lessons and equipment.

A & B BILLIARDS SPORTS ASSOCIATION is the governing body for the family of sports within Billiards.

A & B INTERNATIONAL KITE FESTIVAL Kite flying is a preferred activity all over the Caribbean over Easter, and Antigua is no exception. The sunny Antiguan skies are filled with colorful kites guided by young and old.

ABBOTTS JEWELLERY & PERFUMERY Abbott's in Heritage Quay is the authorized dealer for Rolex and carries other Swiss made watches as well as exquisite jewellery collections; adjacent Perfumery they offer the latest selections of fragrances and gift items.

ACCOMMODATION Properties range from shared rooms in hostels, to some of the most beautiful luxury villas in the Caribbean.

AIRLINES Antigua is a major hub in the region so many regional and international airlines fly here.

ALOE Family:Aloe vera

ANA'S ON THE BEACH is a chic new restaurant and bar with Mediterranean cuisine situated on Dickenson Bay, with an open-air bar, beach cabanas and lounges, and al fresco as well as interior, open air dining, emphasizing luxury lifestyle and service.


ANTIGUA & BARBUDA INDEPENDENCE FESTIVAL Antigua gained total independence on November 1st 1981. The festival consists of a week of celebration, competitions, parades, expos and food fairs – for all Antiguans living both home and abroad and residents of Antigua, as well as visitors.

ANTIGUA & BARBUDA NATIONAL ANTHEM Lyrics & Music to Antigua & Barbuda Anthem

ANTIGUA & BARBUDA NATIONAL FLAG Flag design explained.

ANTIGUA & BARBUDA SPORT FISHING ASSOCIATION Information on the annual Antigua and Barbuda Sport Fishing Tournament held in June.

ANTIGUA AND BARBUDA MANGO FESTIVAL A festival celebrating the mango fruit, that is plentiful in Antigua.

ANTIGUA BARBUDA HORTICULTURAL SOCIETY introduce gardening to a wide variety of our society to educate, teach, conserve and to achieve excellence in plant knowledge, garden design and an appreciation of plants.

ANTIGUA CARNIVAL takes place for two weeks yearly at the end of July into early August, and is one huge party in the streets of St. John's the capital.

ANTIGUA CHARTER YACHT SHOW One of the largest Charter Yacht Shows in the World, marks the start of the Caribbean yachting season.

ANTIGUA CLASSIC YACHT REGATTA One of the most renowned yacht races in the world which takes place in April each year.

ANTIGUA SAFETY & SECURITY tips for a safer stay in Antigua.

ANTILLEAN CRESTED HUMMINGBIRD Family: Trochilidae Orthorhyncus cristatus

BANANAQUIT Family: Coerebidae, Honeycreepers Coereba flaveola

BARBUDA CARIBANA The island's carnival is always over the long Whit weekend and is five days full of pageantry, dance, calypso and fun.

BARRACUDA Sphyraena barracuda

BEACHLIMERZ is where everyone goes to enjoy the beach, the food and the great lime! Located at historic Fort James Beach, it features local cuisine taken to new heights and fascinating and unique cocktails.

BLACK-FACED GRASSQUIT Family: Ploceidae Finches Tiaris bicolour

BOOM AT GUNPOWDER HOUSE is a casual and relaxing poolside restaurant with a scenic view of Nelson's Dockyard. The emphasis for their daily luncheons is on healthy, fresh foods and particularly seafood.

BOUGAINVILLEA Family: Bougainvillea glabra

BRIEF HISTORY Important facts in Antigua History

BROWN ANOLE Anolis wattsi

BROWN PELICAN Pelecanus occidentalis

BRYSONS SHIPPING & INSURANCE A full-service insurance agency offering coverage on all classes of insurance through NAGICO and a network of insurance providers in the London and US markets.

CALABASH Crescentia cujete

CANA MORAVIAN CHURCH, SWETES Adjacent to Swetes Primary School.

CARIB GRACKLE Quisqualis lugubris

CARLISLE BAY BEACH Located by the village of Old Road on the south coast of Antigua.

CASSIE BUSH Acacia farnesiana

CASTAWAYS ON THE BEACH Castaways is an iconic beach bar and restaurant nestled on the white creamy sands of Jolly Beach, Antigua.

CASTOR BEAN Ricinus communis

CATTLE EGRET Bubulcus ibis

CATTLEYA BOUTIQUE located in Heritage Quay and specializing in resort and casual chic clothing & accessories for the discerning, stylish woman.


CENTIPEDE Order of Chilopoda and Diplopoda

CENTRAL BAPTIST CHURCH Pink building shared with the Baptist Academy on the hill overlooking the St. John’s habour.

CHICKEN HAWK Family: Acciputridae Buteo platypterus.

CINNAMON TREE Canella winterana

CONSOLIDATED MARITIME SERVICES is an Antiguan-based Shipping and Stevedoring Service providing transportation of goods and containers of all sizes.

CORALITA Antigonon leptopus

CRAB HILL BEACH (TURNERS) Located at the village of Crab Hill on the south west coast of Antigua.

CUSTOMS/ETIQUETTE Tips for a most comfortable stay.

DAGGER 'TREE' Agave karatto

DARKWOOD BEACH Located on south west coast of Antigua.

DATE PALM Family:Phoenix dactylifera

DEEP BAY Located in Five Islands Village in the western corner of Antigua.

DESMOND V. NICHOLSON shared his knowledge of Antiguan culture, history and people.

DICKENSON BAY Located along the island's developed northwestern coast.

DILDO OR ORGANPIPE CACTUS Cephalocereus nobilis

DIPLOMATIC REPRESENTATION Embassies and consulates around the world.

DIVE CARIB is a full-service PADI dive center in English Harbour, Antigua, with equipment, dive trips and all you need for safe and exciting underwater exploration

DUTCHSMAN'S BAY Located on the north coast of Antigua near the airport.

DUTY FREE SHOPPING is available to visitors, in St. John's and at the airport.

ELECTRIC VOLTAGE 110 as well as 220 volts can be found on the island.

EMERGENCIES CONTACT NUMBERS Print this page and bring it with you for peace of mind.



FFRYES BEACH Located at Fryes point on the West Coast of Antigua.

FIVE ISLANDS MORAVIAN CHURCH 10 minutes drive from St. John's.


FORT JAMES BEACH (FORT) Located at Fort Bay on the northwest coast of Antigua.

FRANGIPANI Plumeria rubra

FREEMAN'S BAY (GALLEON BEACH) Set within the Nelson's Dockyard National Park.

FRENCH ANGELFISH Pomacanthus paru

FRIGATE BIRD Fregatus magnificens

GALLEY BAY BEACH Located at Five Islands Village on the northwest coast of Antigua.

GEMMA HAZELWOOD PHOTOGRAPHY has captured many memorable moments, by combining his talents and expertise. He offers wide range of photographic services including wedding, portrait, scenic & landscape photography.

GIANT MILKWEED Calotropis Procea

GOAT Capra hireus

GOCARIBBEAN RENT-A-CAR supplies top quality rental cars and jeeps at great rates, with a GPS unit and unlimited mileage on every rental.

GRAY KINGBIRD Family: Tyrranidae Flycatchers Tyrranus dominicensis

GREAT BIRD ISLAND One of the largest of the North Sound islands.

GREEN ISLAND located just off the east coast of Antigua.

GREEN TREE LIZARD Anolis bimaculatus

HALF MOON BEACH Located about a 5 minute drive from Freetown village on the south east coast of Antigua.

HARPER'S OFFICE DEPOT The largest office supply dealer in Antigua and the Eastern Caribbean, Harper's Office Depot offers a full range of office products, equipment and furniture as well as copy center services.

HAWKSBILL BEACHES Located in the Five Islands peninsula, 5 minutes from St. John's

HAWKSBILL TURTLE Eretmochelys imbricata

HERMITAGE BAY Located between the capital St. John's and Jolly Harbour.

HOG BAY & RUBBISH BAY Located on the east coas of Barbuda.

ISLAND ACADEMY INTERNATIONAL Island Academy is a vibrant, multicultural, international school that prides itself on extending a nurturing environment to every student.

JABBERWOCK BEACH Located on the northeastern coast of Antigua.

JACKKNIFE FISH Equetus lanceolatus

JAH-T CAR RENTAL SERVICE offers the best of both worlds. Choose from a wide range or rental vehicles or choose our friendly and professional chauffeur driven services that includes airport transfers and much more.

JOLLY BEACH Located on the west coast of Antigua.

KING'S CASINO in the heart of St. John's, is Antigua's largest casino with as many 16 different table games including Blackjack, Roulette and Texas Holdem Poker. They also have the latest slot machines and simulcast live horse racing and accept wagers on every sporting event in the world.

LA BUSSOLA is an elegant location for lunch or dinner situated on the beachfront at Dutchman's Bay Antigua. The ambiance of the restaurant is just right for casual alfresco lunches or a romantic & intimate dinner for two.

LAUGHING GULL Larus atricilla



LIBERTA CHURCH OF CHRIST 15 minutes drive from English Harbour.

LITTLE BLUE HERON Ardea herodias.

LOBLOLLY TREE Pisonia subcordata

LOCAL CRICKET GAMES Whether you love to watch, or play cricket, these pitch-perfect local games will be a real treat.

LONG BAY BEACH Located about 5 minutes from the village of Willikies at Long Bay on the east coast of Antigua.

LORD NELSON'S BED From The Dockyard Museum

MANCHIONEEL Family: Euphorbiacea Hippomane mancinella

MEDICAL FACILITIES General practitioners, public hospital and clinics and private facilities.

MONEY, EXCHANGE, BANKS Eastern Caribbean Dollar, how and where to exchange it.

MONGOOSE Helogale parvula

MONKEY-NO-CLIMB Family:Euphorbia lactea

MORNING GLORY Ipomoea fistulosa

MORRIS BAY Located on the south coast of Antigua.

MOUNT ST. JOHN'S MEDICAL CENTRE is a 185-bed teaching hospital offering a full range of services, from primary care to advanced critical care.

MUSEUM OF ANTIGUA AND BARBUDA Historical museum with reference library.

NATIONAL SYMBOL Antigua & Barbuda Coat of Arms.

NEEM TREE Family: Azadiracta indica

NELSONS DOCKYARD NATIONAL PARK Lauded as the only working Georgian Dockyard in the Caribbean, Nelson's dockyard and the National Park form the heart of the yachting community in Antigua.

NICOLE'S TABLE Nicole's Table offers Caribbean cooking classes for small groups in a relaxing home setting with spectacular views of the Caribbean Sea and St. John's Harbour. Nicole's Table is the top culinary tour in Antigua, is rated 5/5 on TripAdvisor, and has received Certificates of Excellence from TripAdvisor for the last 3 years in a row.

NIGHT BLOOMING CEREUS Family: Cactaceae Cephalocereus peruvianus

OLEANDER Family: Apocynaceae. Nerium oleander

ORANGE LIMITED is a luxury property development company based in Antigua and Barbuda. Established in 2000, it focuses mainly on the development of the Pearns Point peninsula and the Jolly Harbour area, located on the beautiful west coast of Antigua.

OSPREY Family: Accipitridae Pandion haliaetus


OUR LADY OF PERPETUAL HELP On a hill overlooking the intersection of Sweetes and All Saints.

PALM BEACH Located on the west coast of Barbuda near the Codrington Lagoon.

PAPERCLIPS LTD. situated at Royal Palm Place St. John's provides you with all your Office, School, Art Supplies and much more.


PERSONAL SAFETY, SUN & SEA Tips to keep safe during your stay.

PHONE AND INTERNET Many communications options are available on the island.

PIGEON POINT BEACH Located about a 5min drive from English Harbour on the south east coast of Antigua.

PINK SAND BEACH Located a few miles south of Codrington in Barbuda.

PLUMBAGO Family: Plumbaginaceae Plumbago auriculata

POST OFFICE Mail and courier services.


PRIDE OF BARBADOS Family: Caesalpinia pulcherrima

PUBLIC HOLIDAYS Antigua & Barbuda's official public holidays.

RADIO Many radio stations that broadcast nationally, regionally and on the web.

RENDEZVOUS BAY BEACH Located on the south side of the island near Falmouth Harbour.

RORC CARIBBEAN 600 is a 600 mile race around the Caribbean islands starting from Antigua.

RUNAWAY BEACH Located on the northwest coast of Antigua.

SEA URCHINS Echinoidea

SEASIDE GRAPE Family: Coccoloba uvifera

SHOPPING HOURS Normal shopping hours and other general information.

SIR VIVIAN RICHARDS FOUNDATION (S.V.R.F) A foundation to promote the growth of sport, specifically with the youth of the region.

SOTTOVENTO BEACH CLUB is an enchanting, romantic restaurant just steps from the sea on the north coast of Antigua. It serves superb Mediterranean Cuisine using the freshest ingredients & delicious drinks from their well stocked bar.

SPIDERS Araneide

SPINY LOBSTER Panulirus argus


ST. JAMES TRAVEL & TOURS From its inception in 1980, St. James Travel & Tours has built a reputation of excellence as the Caribbean’s leading Destination Management Company.

ST. JOHN'S CATHEDRAL Historical Cathedral overlooking St. John's.


STEPH & VLADAS STUDIO Wedding Planners, professional photographers, hair stylists and make-up artists in Jolly Harbour offering hair, nails, airbrush makeup and photography services. A ‘one-stop’ solution for your next special occasion or day of pampering.

SUNLINC With years of experience in understanding the needs of the most demanding international clientele, Sunlinc prides itself on being able to offer spectacularly innovative events while incorporating some of the most fascinating and unique venues that Antigua has to offer.

TALISKER WHISKY ATLANTIC CHALLENGE The premier event in ocean rowing - this race starts from La Gomera, Canary Islands and concludes in the idyllic English Harbour, Antigua.

TAMARIND Binominal name:Tamarindus indica L

TELEVISION, CABLE AND SATELLITE Available island wide and provided in all accomodations.

THE KEYS COMFORT RENTALS provides affordable compact and standard sedans that are ideal for exploring the island.

TICCHIO-ITALIAN FOOD AND WINE is a deli, grocery and wine store specializing in cheese, pasta and wine imported from Italy, located at Village Walk Mall.

TOAD Bufo marinus

TOUCH RUGBY CLUB Learn how to play a less intense version of rugby without the tackles. Participation is fun and free, and improved fitness is guaranteed.

TOURISTS OFFICES In Antigua and around the world.

TRAVELLING WITH PETS Obtaining permits and other important information.

TREE FROG Eleuthrodactylus martinicensis

TURK'S HEAD CACTUS Family: Melocactus intortus

TURTLE'S SURF SHOP is headquarters for those enjoying Antigua's beaches and watersports, with eco-friendly beachwear, surfing supplies, sunglasses and more.

VALLEY CHURCH BEACH Located on the West coast of Antigua.

VISA INFO & CONSULAR OFFICES Entry requirements and Consular Offices Contacts

VIVA CARIBBEAN MEDIA GROUP is a professional Audio Production, Video Production and Marketing Business operating out of Antigua and Barbuda.

WEST INDIAN WHISTLING DUCK Family Anatidae Dendrocygna arborea

WHITE CROWNED PIGEON Family: Columbidae Columba leucocephala

WINDWARD BEACH is located on the South East coast of the island near English Harbour.

YELLOW ALLAMANDA Family: Allamanda cathartica

YELLOW BILLED TROPIC BIRD Family :Phaethontidae Phaeton lepturus

YELLOW WARBLER Family Sylviidae, Warblers. Dendroica petechia

ZENAIDA DOVE Family: Columbidae, Pigeons Zenaida aurita.


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