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Antigua has a rich cultural heritage deeply routed in a mixture of African Heritage melded with the influence of Colonialism which together create a vibrant, spirited culture which remains strong until this day. Whether its cricket, rum, food or carnival, one thing is certain - feelings run deep.

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ANTIGUA & BARBUDA INDEPENDENCE FESTIVAL Antigua gained total independence on November 1st 1981. The festival consists of a week of celebration, competitions, parades, expos and food fairs – for all Antiguans living both home and abroad and residents of Antigua, as well as visitors.

ANTIGUA & BARBUDA NATIONAL ANTHEM Lyrics & Music to Antigua & Barbuda Anthem

ANTIGUA & BARBUDA NATIONAL FLAG Flag design explained.

ANTIGUA AND BARBUDA MANGO FESTIVAL A festival celebrating the mango fruit, that is plentiful in Antigua.

ANTIGUA BARBUDA HORTICULTURAL SOCIETY introduce gardening to a wide variety of our society to educate, teach, conserve and to achieve excellence in plant knowledge, garden design and an appreciation of plants.

ANTIGUA CARNIVAL takes place for two weeks yearly at the end of July into early August, and is one huge party in the streets of St. John's the capital.

ANTIGUA OPERA SOCIETY is an organisation whose objectives are to stimulate the development of classical music, to create an annual Opera festival, and develop master classes for young Antiguan and Barbudan talent (both instrumentalists and singers).

BARBUDA CARIBANA The island's carnival is always over the long Whit weekend and is five days full of pageantry, dance, calypso and fun.

DESMOND V. NICHOLSON shared his knowledge of Antiguan culture, history and people.

LOCAL CRICKET GAMES Whether you love to watch, or play cricket, these pitch-perfect local games will be a real treat.

MUSEUM OF ANTIGUA AND BARBUDA Historical museum with reference library.

SHIVA SCHOOL OF DANCE creates an environment where ALL students are able to express themselves through dance regardless of age, body type or skill set.

WADADLI YOUTH PEN PRIZE a writing competition for Antiguan and Barbudan youths, debuted in 2004.


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provides advocacy and support to 35 local charities under the patronage of the Governor General and spouse, that are dedicated to addressing Youth and Education, ...
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