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Lilly Bavay has grown up with flowers, quite literally. Her family have been in the flower business all their lives in Europe.

Lilly's love of flowers moved with her to Antigua when on building her house she planted her garden full of tropical flowers. The business literally 'blossomed' when one evening friends spotted the wonderful flowers in her garden and asked her to design a bouquet for their restaurant. That was the beginning and it has continued to grow since then.

A florist from the UK has also now joined the team and together they have a wealth of knowledge of flowers worldwide. as well as the floral dos and don'ts of the world. Lilly says,  . 'Flowers have their own language and in each country the same flowers, and colours can have very different stories. It is their job to interpret and ensure that the flowers are sending the message that the buyer wants them to send.'

Lilly continues to train on new floral trends and recently worked with floral designers in both Spain and Guadeloupe on new ideas and techniques. Building on their European roots and training around the world, the team have a multi-cultural approach about flowers, the language of flowers and the interpretation of styles and floral designs.

There is no doubt that as Lilly speaks about flowers her face literally lights up. Being a florist for her seems to be more of a calling than just a job, and that is evident in the beautiful arrangements that she produces.

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