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Friday 22nd August 2014

Digicel has agreed to offer an internship to at least two graduates from the recent Government Assisted Technology Endeavour (GATE) programme.

The announcement came following the graduation ceremony held at the GATE ICT cadet training facility on Tuesday where the Minister for Information, Broadcasting, Telecommunications & Information Technology Melford Nicholas called on the private sector to provide opportunities to the recent graduates to continue their development and training.

Digicel CEO Victor Corcoran said the telecommunications company will offer internships to two cadets that have completed the programme.

“Digicel is delighted to see that project has worked, is working and making a difference and therefore welcome this opportunity to expand the opportunities giving to the graduates with this additional internship,” Corcoran said. “We look forward to working with the ministry over the coming days to identify the cream of the graduates and give them a further opportunity to develop their skills but to also bring some of their creativity to Digicel.”

The GATE ICT cadet programme targets young school leavers and gives them an opportunity to work alongside hardware and network technicians as well as New Media personnel.

Under the Government Assisted Technology Endeavour (GATE) programme cadets receive hands on training in areas such as Computer Repairs, Upgrades and Diagnostics, New Media, Photography, Videography, Basic Networking, Inventory Management, and Customer Service. This is in essence as part of the mission to develop the intellectual capital of the people of Antigua and Barbuda through structured training in the technological and creative industries.

Speaking at the ceremony, Minister Nicholas noted digital technologies impact profoundly on the lives of young people, and play a vital role in improving their job prospects.

"The GATE ICT Cadet programme is helping to nurture the next generation of innovators, entrepreneurs and start up success stories. We are not just putting cutting edge technology in the hands of young people. We are helping them to understand, create and innovate. Through this internship Digicel has again demonstrated its commitment to the GATE programme by offering cadets an opportunity to learn more about technology and corporate culture," Nicholas said.

GATE, is a multi-million dollar partnership between the Government of Antigua and Barbuda and Digicel.

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