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Thursday 20th February 2014

Digicel and the Government of Antigua and Barbuda have announced a ground-breaking collaboration with the implementation of a National CCTV Project, providing a turnkey wireless security solution for the city of St. John’s. The Government has recognized that these solutions are quickly becoming an invaluable tool for local law enforcement and emergency management throughout the Caribbean. This system will translate to a safer environment for the citizens, residents and visitors of Antigua and Barbuda.

Photo (L-R): Mark Jules, CEO Avrio Group, Victor Corcoran, CEO Digicel Antigua and Barbuda, Clement Samuel, Business Solutions Manager, Digicel, Stuart Bostock, Director of Business Development, Security Centres International (SCI)

The National CCTV Project will integrate 110 diverse cameras and sensors in several locations into a single unified software platform that allows situational awareness in almost any situation.  In many locations, cameras will be mounted on city light poles on the public way,  and are capable of zooming in on facial details from hundreds of yards away even with limited lighting.  The overt presence of cameras is part of the surveillance strategy and the highly visible cameras will be equipped with blue strobe lights, reflective wrappings, customized logos and bullet-proof enclosures.   The open system is completely IP based meaning that cameras can be securely monitored, recorded and administered from any workstation or portable device within the local or wide area network.

Discussions began with Digicel Business headed by its Business Solutions Manager, Clement Samuel.  “Digicel Business prides itself in working with clients to deliver innovative solutions that are an excellent fit for the mission critical needs of an organization.  Digicel Business sees the National CCTV Project as an opportunity to assist the Government of Antigua and Barbuda in the fight against crime by leveraging on its partnerships with industry leaders.” Mr. Samuel continued, “Digicel Business aligns itself with industry leaders to provide the key products and services that are in demand from its customers. To this end, we are working alongside Security Systems International and the Avrio RMS Group to provide an efficient and cost effective solution.”

Security Centres International (SCI) assists local agencies in implementing CCTV systems that provide high quality evidence used to prosecute offenders, aid in the reduction, prevention and detection of crime, and promote community safety.  Avrio RMS Group is an industry leader in IP-surveillance solutions for the public safety market.

Photo: Mark Jules, Avrio Group

Victor Corcoran, CEO of Digicel Antigua says, “Digicel Business responded to the Government’s need of requiring a system that offers state of-the-art equipment, while at the same time is expandable, affordable, easily deployed and scalable. It is important for the citizens to know that deploying wireless instead of fiber can have significant network infrastructure savings. This translates to projects moving forward faster. The work done through Digicel Business with SCI and Avrio RMS ensures that all these criteria are met.”

The Honourable Dr. Errol Cort, Minister of National Security and Labour, stated “The first phase of the implementation will be completed by the end of March, with phase two being completed by the end of July.  This project was a significant investment at US$2.1M.  One can say however, that no investment can ever be too large where the security of a Nation’s people is concerned. We recognized the need to embark on a CCTV Project and Digicel Business came to the table with the perfect solution.” Dr. Cort continued, “Monitoring of this new security system will be crucial. The Royal Police Force of Antigua and Barbuda will play the lead role in ensuring the monitoring of all cameras at its Command Centre.”

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