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Saturday 13th December 2014

"A dream wedding day actually play(ed) out in real life ..." - a superb wedding review received by Indigo - Antigua Wedding Planners from Jo & Marco who wed on December 13, 2014. Read full review below...

Click here to view more photos of Jo & Marco Wedding on 13 December 2014 with Indigo - Antigua Wedding Planners at The Nest, Valley Church Beach. Photos courtesy of Stephen Moore Photography.

"So, it's taken me a good few days to write this as it had to be right;

Every girl has an image of their perfect day but not every girl gets to have her dream wedding day actually play out in real life! How lucky am i??

Valley church beach was transformed into a picture perfect venue for a breathtaking Caribbean beach wedding.

Our heartfelt appreciation and thanks goes to Indigo Event Services and Tracy Guerrero for organising every last detail on the beach that day. Our demands were met to perfection and we were all blown away with how beautiful the venue was.

Thank you to the Staff of The Nest and Valley Church Beach for their excellent service and delicious food.

Itchy feet rocked it and properly started the party and DJ Stiffler continued.

Thank you for the fabulous bride transportation (town car then horse and trap) and the little horse that behaved so beautifully for me.

Bridal hair and makeup was by Staci Humphries, Which I adored and Camille from de'envy nail salon stayed late in the the evening getting us all ready for the big day and have us fabulous pedicures.

Thank you to Vanessa Ravanello and Valerie Edwards for such beautiful music and for thinking of the Star Wars theme tune for me to walk up the Isle!

My mummy Christine Watts designed my dress and spent 3 days finishing it here in Antigua. I love it. Eternally grateful and so proud.

Thank you Daddy Peter Watts for bringing over at huge effort the inflatable toys. Oh and for walking me up the Isle!

Thank you so much to The Airds Kirsty Aird Ian Aird for getting them inflated and anchored.

Sis, Catherine Watts having you there knowing you would jump in at any required moment was a huge relief and you fixed my hair after I fell off the paddle board! thank you Karen Portch for bringing it!

Natasha Ravanello, your photos were brilliant and thank you Bella for the flowers up the beautiful Isle. Martha and karen, thank you for your photos too. Steve Moore, our photographer, you were brilliant and so patient with us all. We can't wait to see the results!

Alistair Letby, Martin Andersson and Alberto Ravanello, you all looked so handsome and stylish in your outfits, thank you for undertaking your designated tasks so well.

Anna Bird and Phil Martinson, thank you for your candle torch 'just married' beach decoration. I loved it and cheers also for the marshmallow on stick prep! Martin Avery thanks for your help in the morning Ali Hannaford Simone Hansen Finbarr Quaid thanks for bringing the wedding paraphernalia.

Pam's wellness centre was onhand for emergency massages!

Charm and his fire display entertained us. So much fun!

The gorgeous cupcakes were made and delivered by the Larder, thank you Alfredo.

We opened all our gifts on the Sunday morning and were blown away with such thoughtfulness and generosity.

Last Saturday, 12/13/14, was a perfect beautiful day to remember and we are deeply touched by everyone's warmth and love. We also so appreciate the effort it took to get here, take time off work etc to be able to spend our special day with us. It was stunning and we feel so honoured and happy.

Finally thank you to my kind and caring new husband for walking me through our ceremony and the vows when I was so nervous and also blinded by the sun! Thank goodness the sun shone! For that I am eternally grateful. thank you to whoever organised that!"

-- All our love, Jo & Marco

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