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Wednesday 18th May 2016

Pearns Point is a US$300 million high end development project in Antigua, situated on a spectacular peninsula overlooking the crystal clear Caribbean waters. One year ago, Pearns Point celebrated the start of the infrastructure and the partnership with the ultra-luxurious five star resort The Setai. Even though it is known that many ambitious development projects in Antigua don’t make it beyond the planning stage and deal with many setbacks, Pearns Point has proven to be a highly successful project which is well on its way. The international team of developers, designers Piet Boon and Ezhen, The Setai directors Jonathan and Michael Breene, the contractors, marketing & sales team and the builders on site have shown their utmost dedication to putting in place everything needed to bring this project to the top of the world.

Construction of the first villa starts
At this point, 15 plots of prime land have been sold and this week marked the start of building the first Piet Boon villa on the beach, which is a variation of the mountain villa shown here below. The residence will be and impressive 17.000 sq.ft. and is a multimillion US dollar investment in our project. The second villa is expected to break ground within two months.

Progress of construction of the infrastructure is visible throughout the peninsula. Pipes, sewage and electrical lines have been laid and the concrete is being poured, about 40% is completed. Finalizing the roads to the current clients’ properties has priority in the schedule. Construction is advancing ahead of schedule and infrastructure is expected to be completed at the end of this year.

The Setai Hotel
The designers Ezhen and Piet Boon are working on the conceptual design of the hotel and are making excellent progress. The resort will be featuring 100 keys and all villas and suites will have private pools. 95% of the units will enjoy ocean views.

The footprint and conceptual design phases have been completed and the Design Development phase has been started, defining the actual sizes of the public areas, the villas, swimmming pools and restaurants. The designs are expected to be finished by the end of this summer (2016) and sfter which pre-sales will start.

In the fourth quarter of 2016 construction of the first show villas will start, and are expected to be completed by summer 2017.


The website will be launch within the next month, evolving as the brands progress. and will continue to service the different parts of the development and the brand.

About Orange Limited – Company profile
Orange Limited is a luxury property development company based in Antigua and Barbuda. Established in 2000, it focuses mainly on the development of the Pearns Point peninsula and the Jolly Harbour area, located on the beautiful west coast of Antigua. Orange Limited has also recently acquired Hallpike land, the beach area that connects Jolly Harbour and Pearns Point.

The company was originally established by Dutch entrepreneur and Chairman Mr. Albert Hartog and his partners. Today, the company has a small but dedicated team in Antigua and strong ties with the local business community and the government.

Pearns Point is the main development, featuring a pristine peninsula of 137 acres and 67 plots. The project boasts a secluded and private location, but with access to the island’s amenities like shops, restaurants and a marina. Pearns Point is often featured as one of the top real estate developments in the Caribbean by esteemed international property press. Orange Limited is proud to be partnering with The Setai Hotel and Resort in Miami South Beach to build a five star resort and fully serviced suites and villas. This is an alliance that will lift the development to the absolute best in the world.

Orange Limited takes pride in its company values, such as respect for the community and the environment, sustainability and renewable energy, honest entrepreneurship and dedication to excellence. The company supports Antigua’s people and country by donating a percentage of the sales towards charities.

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