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Monday 18th September 2017

List of shelters reviewed for September 18th 2017.

1. Buckleys Primary School - Buckleys
2. Sawcolts Methodist Church – John Hughes
3. CT Samuel Primary - John Hughes Primary
4. Old Road Primary School - Old Road
5. JT Ambrose Primary - All Saints
6. Villa Seventh Day Adventist - Fort Road
7. Freemansville Primary - Freemans Village
8. Seaview Farm Primary - Sea View Farm
9. New Winthropes Primary - New Winthropes
10. Bethesda Primary School Hall - Bethesda
11. Golden Grove Primary - Golden Grove
12. Pares Primary - Pares
13. SeaGlans Central SDA - Glanvilles
14. Freetown Methodist - Freetown
15. Glanvilles Secondary - Glanvilles
16. Cobbs Cross Primary - Cobbs Cross
17. Liberta Primary - Liberta
18. Bethel Gospel Hall - St Johnsons Village
19. Ottos Comprehensive School - Ottos
20. Greenbay Primary - Green Bay
21. Mary E Pigott - Ottos
22. Urlings Primary School - Urlings
23. Urlings SDA Church - Urlings
24. Bolans SDA Church - Bolans
25. Bolans Wesleyan Church - Bolans
26. St John’s Church of Christ - Golden Grove
27. Pigotts Primary School - Pigotts
28. Potters Primary School - Potters
29. Clare Hall Secondary - Clare Hall
30. Kingdom Hall Jehovah’s Witnesses - Gambles
31. Yorks Community Centre - Yorks
32. Cedar Grove Primary School - Cedar Grove
33. St John’s Pentecostal House of Restoration - Lauchland Benjamin Drive
34. Zion Church of God - Bendals
35. Five Islands Campus - Five Islands
36. Shiloh Gospel Hall - Five Islands
37. Parham Primary - Parham
38. Bethany Gospel Hall - New Winthropes

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September 1st, 2017 - Residents are advised to complete hurricane preparedness plans ahead of a possible threat from Hurricane Jose. That’s the message coming from the National Office of Disaster Services (NODS).

Director of NODS Philmore Mullin says individuals should take every precaution as though the island will be impacted. Mullin notes that the system is already a major hurricane. There is still some time for last minute preparations and residents should do so with haste especially relating to shopping for emergency supplies and shutters.

Emergency supplies should include things like battery-operated radio, lamp, search light, extra batteries, canned and dry foods, water, special infant needs and adequate prescription medicine.

As it relates to preparation, board up or install shutters, secure doors, lower television and radio antennas, remove loose objects from the yard and patio, prune dead or dying trees, tie down any large objects that cannot be brought indoors and recharge appropriate equipment such as cell phones.

Other hurricane preparedness plans include covering outside electrical outlets with duct tape, storing as much drinking water as possible in clean closed containers, keeping your vehicle filled with gas and having extra cash on hand. Personal papers and other important documents should be stored in a waterproof container and kept nearby.

Following an assessment by the Public Works Department 38 structures will serve as emergency shelters. Shelters have been allocated to each of the 17 disaster districts - some of which share facilities. Individuals who will have to evacuate to these shelters are advised that they have to take the necessary supplies with them to include food, bedding and water. However, no pets, guns, illegal drugs and alcohol are allowed.

Please note that all shelters will open at 4:00 pm on Friday, September 8th. Some are already opened. Also, for St. John's Rural West, Shiloh Gospel Hall has been added as a shelter and for St. Peter, Parham Primary.

Persons in Villa and Point seeking shelter will now have to go to the St. Andrews Anglican. The Bethel Anglican Church is no longer being used as a shelter. For St. Mary's North - Bendals Primary has been removed as a shelter and three others added - Jennings Secondary School, the Adventist Church in Bendals and the Zion Church in Bendals. Bethany Gospel Hall in New Winthropes now replaces the Wesleyan Holiness Church there. St John's Pentecostal House of Restoration on Lauchland Benjamin Drive has been added as a shelter (Individuals should go to the back of the building). View the shelters list below or here.

A strict set of rules is in place at the shelters, which are managed by a team from the respective districts.

The National Office of Disaster Services (NODS) advocates that public shelters should be the last resort for residents as the first option should be to stay with family members, relatives or friends. For more information contact tel: (268) 462-4206.

Residents are encouraged to continue monitoring the information from the Met Office and NODS.

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