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Friday 12th July 2019

It was at Shirley Heights while playing at “a regular Sunday gig” that the 17 61º Band would get the opportunity of a lifetime. After watching the band perform, a tourist approached the team and said “how much he loved the band and he would love to have us play for him. 

This was a regular occurrence said Claire. “This has happened many times before so we smiled and said we would love to and gave him our card and didn’t think anything more of it.”  Unbeknown to the band they would later be playing for the Westport Triple Point CEO and founder, Peter Armstrong, who sold the software company for $900 million cash in 2013, Fourth of July Party. Claire went on to describe how they received the call.

“Then out of the blue we received an email from him asking when would be a good time for him to call.  

He called Mark and spoke with him and said how much he had enjoyed the band and the energy that the band has together. He asked if we could come to play at his 4th July party in Connecticut, this was going to be his 10th year hosting his party for his friends and family. He thought 17 61° was just what he was looking for.

The band agreed it was an incredible opportunity not to be missed.

Claire started to liaise with his PA, all the details including the flights and hotel were booked so suddenly.

This was finally happening for us!!! ...We flew to New York on 2nd July, and his driver picked us up for the 90-minute drive to Westport, Connecticut.

We arrived at our hotel and had dinner, a few drinks and chatted about how cool this was. We were amazed that finally our little cover band from Antigua was flown out to do this party! 

In the morning, we headed off into the town for a wander around then went back to the hotel to get ready for sound check.

The car picked us up and we headed to Mr. Armstrong house to meet him.  We had a very warm welcome from Peter and Susie who were so happy that we were there and he was so excited for his party later. The sound company had everything we had requested so now it was just time to sound check. 

The party went great! All his family and friends loved the band, they couldn’t say enough great things about us. He then went on to say we were the best party band he had at his party and last year he had ‘The Wailers’!! We were so proud of what we had just delivered, they danced from start to finish, living every genre that we gave them as they ranged from young to old, so they all had something to dance to! 

The party finished around 12 midnight. After a couple hours sleep, we were driven back to the airport for the 8am flight back to Antigua! 

What an amazing three days!  Mark has always said to the band '"every gig you do whether in a hotel, bar, party or a wedding, you never know who is watching, so always play your best and this is the exact reason why!” 

Amazing job, 17 61º Band! Band members: Markie Mark (Drummer), JJ (Guitarist), Larry (Bass), Jemal (Keyboardist), Kimmy (Vocalist) and Zan (Vocalist). If you would like to book the band for your party, wedding, birthday or any other special events, please email info@1761degrees.com or call +1 (268) 720-3081.

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