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Monday 2nd March 2015

Our series, 'The Many Faces of Yachting in Antigua' continues this month featuring Kevin Moses, the owner and skipper of “Hawnalea”, a yacht in Miramar Sailing’s fleet. Kevin is 43, born and raised in Antigua. In his childhood years he lived in a small community in Five Islands and still does today!  He went to school in Five Islands also at the Otters Comprehensive Secondary school.  Kevin spent some time living in US but couldn’t resist coming back home to Antigua. He also has 2 beautiful daughters aged 11 and 2.

What is your role in the yachting community in Antigua?
I am owner and skipper of “Hawnalea”, which is in the Miramar Sailing fleet. I run the Day Sailing part of the business, we are based in Jolly Harbour.  I enjoy taking guests out daily for fantastic sailing on the Antiguan West Coast, I always entertain the guests and show them a great time, they often say afterwards it was the “Highlight of their vacation” which is a fantastic compliment!

How long have you been in that role?
I bought Hawnalea in 2010 and shortly after joined Brian & Pippa at Miramar Sailing to take over their Day Sailing business, leaving them free to start a new sailing school.

Is this your first role in the yachting industry? If not, what previous roles have you had?
My professional career started when I was 19 years old with the help of a very dear friend. I went to Florida and attended Sea School – a maritime school operated by the USCG where I obtained my USCG license. When I returned to Antigua, I skippered the popular Day Sailing Catamaran "Kokomo Cat” for 10 years.  I then worked for 5 years as captain of the huge 85 ft. power catamaran "Excellence", circumnavigating the island daily with 100 passengers.  It is safe to say I have been sailing for over 20 years.

What interested you in the yachting industry originally?
Well my late father was also a captain and at a very early age once the school holidays began, I would always accompany him on his boat travels.  During this time I noticed the fun he was having and that grew my interest in sailing as a whole.

What is one of your most memorable moments during your time in this field?
My most memorable moment in this field was shortly after I returned from America with my license; I got a job to deliver a sailing yacht from Florida and delivered the boat to its owner safely and before the estimated time which was 14 days. It was my first yacht delivery job and a proud moment!

What is the highlight of the yachting year for you?
The highlight of the yachting year for me is definitely Antigua Sailing Week, I have participated in many past Sailing weeks. I love the spectacle to see all those beautiful sailing yachts grace our shores and display their beauties and to see the cultural explosion that everyone anxiously awaits annually.

Does yachting form part of your leisure activities?
Yes most definitely I am on the ocean most days on Hawnalea.  I am also a Certified Rescue Diver and love to Dive, snorkel and go fishing.  Most or all of my leisure time somehow evolves around the sea.

What do you think can be added or worked on to improve the yachting environment in Antigua?
Well there are several things actually; Make the entire island Duty Free, I am pretty sure that more of the boats that leave after sailing week would stay or hang around. We already offer some of the best services in the industry.
Promote our island as a non-seasonal vacation place, that way most of the business surrounding the industry will remain open year round.
Offer sailing as part of our education, we are surrounded by sun, sand and sea all year and it’s a shame not to see more local people enjoying it.

What is your advice to someone wanting to start in the yachting field in Antigua?
My advice is to stay focused, work hard because there are a lot of great opportunities out there but you have to be prepared, get certified and look for work.  I’d like to see as many young Antiguans as possible take up sailing as a career.  Sailing can be fun yet allowing one the opportunity to travel and see many parts of the world.  It would also be great to see much more of our young men and women participate in our annual regatta.

We would like to thank Kevin for taking part in our Many Faces of Yachting in Antigua series. If you know of someone working in the yachting industry who you would like to read about in Antigua’s Yachting Insider, please let us know by emailing

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