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Monday 22nd October 2018

The Antigua and Barbuda Swimming Federation will host the 28th National Open Water Swimming Championships in conjunction with the 2nd OECS Open Water Swimming Championships on Sunday, November 11th at Fort James Beach, Antigua.

Eligible: Swimmers need not be affiliated with a club or swimming federation. The swimmer’s medical history, physical condition and training must be commensurate with the rigors of open water swimming competition. Swimmers will be subjected to a medical check at 8:30am.

Distances: 1kilometers, 3kilometers and 5 kilometers (measured by GPS)

Age Groups: Individual Events 8 and under, 9-10yrs, 11-12, 13-14, 15-17yrs, 18- 24yrs, 25-34yrs, 35-44yrs, 45 and over

Check in time: 8:30am

Completion of registration: 8:30 – 9:30am

Briefing of athletes: 9:45am

Start of race: 10:00am

Awards and Closing Ceremony: 12:30am

Venue & Course for the OW Swimming Championship: The rectangular course is demarcated by 4 large turn buoys in the Bay of Fort James Beach. The course is marked by large buoys. Spectators can view the length of the course walking along the shoreline.

The age of the swimmers determines what distance he is eligible to participate in. The swimmer’s medical history, physical condition and training must be commensurate with the rigors of open water swimming competition. Swimmers doing distances over 1k will be subjected to a medical check.

Athletes under 18 will only swim if they are represented by their coach or other representative. The competitor and or representative must sign the indemnity clause on the application form indemnifying the organizers from all liability with respect to the athlete’s participation

Format: Timed Final. The 5k and 3 k events will be swum 5 minutes apart starting with the 5k. The 1k swimmers will leave 3 minutes after the 3k swimmers.

Entries: Registration forms can be downloaded by visiting or use the attached form that accompanies this summons. All open water entries should be submitted by the deadline date. Participants from abroad should email their forms but will be allowed to pay on the day of competition.

Entry Fee: ECD$60.00 per swimmer.

Entry Deadline: Monday 5th November, 2018 at 9:00pm.

Check-In: Swimmers should check in by 8:30 to be medically checked and for number marking and pre-event briefing. Participants who do not attend the pre-event briefing will not be allowed to swim.

Numbering & Caps: Swimmers will be assigned a participant number which event officials will mark on the swimmer’s back, arm and hand at check-in. Each distance will have a designated cap color. Swimmers will receive the colored cap(s) at check-in. The appropriate colored cap must be worn at all times during the swim.

Warm Up: There will be a designated warm up area.

Start: All events will start in the water.

Finish: All events will finish on the sand by crossing the established finishing line. Event time limits will be enforced by event Official (ABACA Sports Timing) for the 3k and 5k events.

Awards: The Awards Ceremony will be held on the beach and will begin 30 minutes after the completion of the last event. Medals will be given to the top 3 finishers (male and female) in each age category for each event. Trophies will be presented to the swimmers (male and female) posting the overall fastest finish time for each distance.

Briefings: There will be a Pre-Race briefing 15 minutes prior to the start of the event.

Officials: Officials who have done the open water training are encouraged to make themselves available to officiate. Please fill out the form for Technical Official attached to this summons and submit to our Technical Director’s email on the form.

1. This event will be conducted over distances of 1k, 3k and 5 kilometers at the Fort James Beach on Sunday November 11, 2018 commencing at 10:00am.
2. All competitors must attend the pre-race briefing on the beach and are required to be present in the marshaling area 30 minutes before the start of the race.
3. All Swimmers are required to be in good physical fitness for the competition.
4. All swimmers must go through the head count in order to start the race.
5. Each swimmer is required to wear the swim cap provided at all times during the race. Any swimmer crossing the Finish line without a swim cap may be disqualified.
6. All swimmers must be behind the Start Line in the water and wait for the Starter’s signals. Both an air horn and a flag are used to start the race (audible and visible signals).
7. Any swimmer dropping out before or during the race should check in immediately with a Beach Marshal AND the Recording Officials at the Finish or Start, reporting their race number and name. This is to help the Recorders account for all swimmers.
8. Any action that may bring the event into disrepute may result in disqualification.
9. Prizes are non-transferrable.
10. There is to be no fighting, kicking or pushing in the water. Discipline, please.
11. Swimmers will not be allowed to use fins, paddles, or wetsuit. Tech-suits banned by FINA (the International Swimming Federation) are also not allowed in this race. No swimmer shall be permitted to use or wear any device that may be an aid to their speed, endurance or buoyancy. Goggles, caps, nose clips and earplugs may be used.
12. You may use any swim stroke. When possible, you may stand up on the bottom if you need a rest, but you are not permitted any forward walking motion.
13. The starter will use an air horn and a flag to signal the start of the race.
14. Swimmers will follow the race course as laid out by the buoys in the water in the direction given in the briefing.
15. Swimmers must complete the course in its entirety; there will be Judges at the marker buoys that will be checking to ensure all swimmers pass their markers.
16. Drafting is permitted, however obstructing, interfering with or making intentional contact with another swimmer may result in disqualification.
17. All swimmers should have their competition number clearly displayed on their back and arms.
18. Swimmers shall be allowed to use grease or other such substances providing these are not, in the opinion of the referee, excessive.
19. In the case of difficulty in the water, please remain calm. Extend your hands in an upward position, signalling that help is required. There are sufficient boats, kayaks and Paddle boards available for this purpose.
20. The referee shall have full control and authority over all officials and shall adjudicate on all protests related to the conduct of the race, including final placing’s, if necessary. The referee’s decision shall be final.
21. Payment of the entrance fee and participation in the race shall signify agreement and acceptance of these rules.
22. The execution of the race on the day is subject to favourable weather conditions and if in the case of inclement weather the race is called off there will be no reimbursement of fees to participants.
23. Swimmers will make an in water start at the designated starting point.
a. One kilometer swimmers will swim one circuit of the rectangular course for a total distance of 1050 meters and complete the race by running across the finish line on the sand.
b. Three-kilometer swimmers will swim three circuits of the rectangular course for a total distance of 3,050 meters and complete the race by running across the finish line on the sand.
c. Five-kilometer swimmers will swim five circuits of the rectangular course for a total distance of 5,050 meters and complete the race by running across the finish line on the sand.
24. For the safety of the competitors, no coach boats will be allowed. If warning is ignored, the officials may order the swimmers to leave the water.
25. Safety boats, kayaks & Paddle boards approved by the organizers shall maintain a constant position of at least 5ft at the side of and away from any swimmer and shall manoeuvre so as not to obstruct or place themselves directly ahead of another swimmer.
26. Any coach, guide or person responsible for the swimmer who fails to comply with the regulations in any way will be suspended or banded from participation in the race. This may also result in the disqualification of the swimmer.
27. On arrival at the finish, there will be 2 buoys placed making the finish and leading the swimmer to the finish line on the sand.
28. When he/she arrives at the finish of their race they must run out and cross the finish line on the sand.
Failure to do so will result in disqualification. The swimmer should submit the number given to him/her at the starting point.
29. The swimmers age on December 31, 2017 determines the age group in which he/she is eligible to swim. Swimmers will compete in the following age groups: 10 and under, 11-12yrs, 13-14, 15-17, 18 - 34, and 35 and over.
30. The following age restrictions apply to the following distances:
Distance – 1k – 10 & under
Distance - 3k – 11 & over
Distance – 5k – 14 yrs & over.
31. Gold, Silver and Bronze medals will be given for 1st to 3rd place by age group and sex. Trophies to 1st male and female overall for each distance.
32. Violating any of these rules may result in disqualification.
33. Any cases omitted in these rules will be judged by the organizers of the competition and will be as binding as the present rules

Contact: Event Coordinator, Carl Joseph (720-9118) or Technical Director, Edith Clashing (783-0578).

1. Kayaks with life guards will man the perimeter of the course.
2. The referee(s) & medical boat(s) will be allowed in the centre of the course
3. The turn judges will be stationed at each turn buoy
4. The finish judges will be stationed at the finish line
5. Any other safety craft will be on the perimeter of the course.

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