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Monday 28th October 2013
 2013 CCC Champions: Kathryn, Time Trial; Frederic, Road Race; Tamiko, Road Race and Marc De Maar, Time Trial
The 13th edition of the Caribbean Cycling Championships deemed a success by the governing body of the Championships, Caribbean Cycling Federation. Over 20 Caribbean countries gathered in Dutch Caribbean island of Curacao over the weekend of 19-20th October.
Unlike no other event, this year’s championships featured the entire Caribbean tops cyclists, making it a milestone for the Caribbean greatest and best and longest run cycling event. The male start line featured the Pan American Games Gold Medalist, Marc de Maar of Curacao, Emile Abraham of Trinidad and Tobago, Cedric Eustache of Guadeloupe, Phillip Clarke and semi professional, Daren Matthews of Barbados, Marloe Rodman of Jamaica, Robert Marsh and Jyme Bridges of Antigua and Barbuda and Efren Ortega Rivera of Puerto Rico to highlight a few.  

The male and female Individual Time Trial got on the way on Saturday 19th October with the female taking the course first. However, St. Kitts and Nevis’s, Kathryn Bertine was the fastest female of the day, Winning SKB first Gold medal of the championships, clocking a time of 24:02. Antigua and Barbuda’s Tamiko Butler added a Silver to her collection of CCC medals to place 2nd in a time of 24:29. The Bronze medal went to Bermuda’s Nicole Mitchell who had the 4th fastest time of the day but was rewarded the Bronze medal after17 years old, Lisa Grootheusheidkamp of Curacao was disqualified for racing under the age of the elite championships. Nicole completes the 10-mile course in a time of 25:40.
The Male 22 mile Individual Time Trial also featured a star line up of Time Trial specialists, however, The Pan American Games Road Champion, Marc de Maar easily rode away with the title. The former European professional and continental team rider won the Gold in a time of 46:28, over 2 minutes over his closest rival. Silver went to Quinten Winkel also of Curacao who produced a time of 48:52. William de Jesus Guzman of Dominican Republic secured the bronze medal with a time of 49:24. Antigua and Barbuda best finishes in Saturday’s individual race came from Jyme Brides who placed 11th with a time of 52:23 and Robert Marsh, 14th in a time of 52:58.
Sunday’s Road Race in the women’s class was record breaking 22 riders in the starting line up. The race got on the way at 8am with 9 laps of the 4-mile course. Reigning Road Champion, Tamiko Butler of Antigua and Barbuda attacked the field as early as the 2nd lap and broke free, taking one other rider with her to lead the race from there after. Butler and Zoenique Williams of Bermuda keep together until the last lap when Butler attacked and broke free to celebrate solo across the finish line that was packed with spectators. Antigua and Barbuda repeat gold in Tamiko Butler after completing the course in a time of 1:48.48. Tamiko after entering the championships in 2009 is on track of being the most decorated athlete of the championships. 2nd place went to Zoenique Williams of Bermuda in a time of 1:49.31 a head of Nicole Mitchell also of Bermuda who was 3rd in a time of 1:51.14.
The Men’s Road Race recorded a starting line up of 84 riders as the raced for 16 laps over a 4 mile circuit. Several early attempts made by a host of riders seek to position themselves for the later part of the race. The race however, mostly separates in 3 groups with a lead group of 6 riders, another group of 20 with all the race favorites that also was including Omari King, Jyme Bridges and Robert Marsh of Antigua and Barbuda. This format lasted 3 quarter of the duration of the race until the two groups merges. Guadeloupe’s Frederic Theobald then attack solo and broke free to lead the race with7 laps to go, the invincible man maintained his lead to cross the line solo, a minute ahead of his closest rivals. Theobald completed the course in a time of 3:13.25 to earn the 2013 Caribbean Cycling Title. Trinidad and Tobago’s Emile Abraham out sprinted last year’s Silver medalist, Efren Ortega Rivera of Puerto Rico for 2nd place, clocking a time of 3:14.12.600 with Puerto Rico collecting bronze in a time of 3:14.12.916.
Antigua and Barbuda’s five male participants started and completed the race with Jyme bridges the best of the Antigua’s. Bridges sprinted across the line with 2 other riders, just slightly a head of a raging peleton. The sprint of the main field surprise the spectators at the finish line as the two separate packs merges together half way during the final lap bringing over 60 riders sprinting to the line. Robert Marsh, Andre Simon, Omari King and Marvin Spencer all finished together in this group resulting with Marsh the next best of the Antiguans, completing the course in a time of 3:18.25. Andre Simon suffered a fall but still manages to finish in 41st position. Omari King had an outstanding performance in what is deemed as his best rider ever. The 28 year old stayed in the lead bunch for majority of the race and make several tactical chases and break away in several attempts with some of the best of the Caribbean. His end results do not replicate his days performance as he cruises in with in the main field, rewarded with a result of 48th place. His teammates and team manager identified him as the best rider of the Antigua squad. Marvin Spencer who also had a commendable rider placed 50th (3:18.28) as the final Antiguan with all five starters completing the race.
The 2013 Caribbean Cycling Championships was awarded by COPACI to be a qualifier for the 2014 CAC Games. This is the first time the CAC Games requires qualification and six spots was given in the female Road Race and eight in the men road race. Unofficially, Tamiko Butler is qualified of next years CAC Games in Veracruz, Mexico. The other spots are as follows:
Zoenique Williams – Bermuda
Nicole Mitchell – Bermuda
Juana Isidra Fernasndez – Dominican Republic
Solymar Rivera Torres – Puerto Rico
Hilda Castillo – Dominican Republic
For the male, Emile Abraham of Trinidad and Tobago takes the first spot as Guadeloupe, Martinique, Curacao, French Guyana, St. Martin as some of the countries who did well at the championships but are not eligible to participate in the CAC Games. So the other spots was awarded (unofficially)
Efren Ortega of Puerto Rico
Maloe Rodman of Jamaica
William De Jesus Guzman – Dominican Republic
Byron Pope – Belize
Darren Matthews – Barbados
Rafael Adolfo German – Dominican Republic
Euri Vidal Paulino – Dominican Republic
Jyme Bridges was 10th as one of the countries vying for the qualification spots.
The 2014 Caribbean Cycling Championships will be held in Puerto Rico.
The Antigua and Barbuda Cycling Association executive members and and fellow cyclists take this opportunity to congratulate Tamiko Butler and Team Terminix of winning Gold and Silver and earning a qualifying spots for the 2014 CAC Games in Veracruz, Mexico. Many tanks also goes out to the National Olympic Committee of Antigua and Barbuda and LIAT airline for their assistance, all of whom made this trip possible.


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