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Tuesday 27th August 2013

 The Antigua and Barbuda Cycling Association resumed their calendar of races on Saturday and Sunday with the successful staging of the Subway sponsored 3 Stage Race. The first stage took place Saturday morning, a 4 mile Time Trial from Police Grounds to North Sound Round About and back. Andre Simon set a scorching time of 8:59 as the only person to break the 8 minute barrier. Jyme Bridges was the 2nd best of the day clocking a time of 9:07 ahead of Marvin Spencer who was 3rd in a time of 9:14. Robert Marsh placed 4th after producing a time of 9:15 ahead of Garfield Henry and Vincente Sanabria of Cuba.

B-Class best time came from Tesheed Gordon producing a time of 9:56 to lead the first stage. Mervin Gore was 2nd in a time of 10:12 and Tristan Matthew 3rd in a time of 10:12.998. Nigel Fabian was the best of the Junior Class ahead of Zackyle Joseph. Lindsay Duffy was the lone competitor in the Female Class; she completed the 4 mile course in a time of 12:29. Brian Sanguinette also was the lone competitor in the Masters Class; he produced a time of 13:29.
Stage 2 – Andre Simon entered the 2nd stage as the race leader with time gap of 7 second over Jyme Bridge. Andre Simon and the Terminix team came out and performed like a team to protect the yellow Jersey but Marvin Spencer timed his move and surged to lead the race with 4 more laps to go before the finish. However, Vincente displayed his cycling ability to surge across to join with Spencer to lead the race in the final lap. Vincente later attacked Spencer with less than a half mile to the finish to win the 2nd stage. Vincente Sanabria won the 18 lap race in a time of 1:36.10 followed by Marvin Spencer who is now riding unattached to any club, his time was 1:36.15, 5 seconds off the winning time but good enough to take the lead and the yellow jersey going into the 3rd and final stage. Alvin Merrick of Club Savoy was 3rd in a time of 1:37.04 ahead of Jyme Bridges (1:37.04.039) and Robert Marsh (1:37.04.182). Andre Simon had to settle for 6th as the last runner up in the sprint finish in a time of 1:37.04.723.
B-Class went to Tesheed Gordon of ESR Club won the 2nd stage (16 laps) in a time of 1:26.08. Tristan Matthew of Team Terminix placed 2nd in a time of 1:26.10. Conroy Thomas was 3rd in a time of 1:28.06. Nigel Fabian was the lone finisher in the Junior-Class; he completed the course in a time of 1:22.35 whilst Zackyle Joseph abandons the race. Lindsay Duffy completed the 8 lap female course in a time of 54:49. Brian Sanguinette completed the Masters course in a time of 28:54.
3rd Stage – Marvin Spencer was the man to watch in the final stage as he was the general classification leader going into the 3rd stage. The riders journeyed from Sir Viv Stadium out to St. James’s Club and back but the deciding factor of the race came in the 2nd and final lap when the riders race back out to St. James’s Club and back. Marvin Spencer felt the pressure of his former team, Team Terminix when Andre Simon and Vincente whipped up the pace from Parham corner, clearing all three small climbs at a massive pace and kept it steady to Bethesda. This change the whole complexity of the race brings down the race leaders to Andre, Vincente, Marsh, Jyme and Omari King. Vincente became the virtual leader until Andre Simon broke free to ride home solo to make up enough time to take the overall lead. Marsh, Jyme and Vincente were chasing but unable to cover any grounds to change the virtual lead that Andre held on the course. Andre Simon took the stage win and won the overall race as the champion of the ABACA 3 Stage Race sponsored by Subway. Simon overall time was 3:46.46 2nd was Vincente Sanguinette of Cuba, riding for Team Terminix in a time of 3:47.13. Jyme Bridges of Rattlers Club was 3 in a total time of 3:47.22. Robert Marsh of ESR Club was 4th in a total time of 3:47.31. Marvin Spencer had to settle for 5th and leading going into the 3rd stage.
Tesheed Gordon easily took the overall win in the B-Class. Gordon produced an overall time of 3:42.12. Conroy Thomas of Team Terminix was 2nd in a time of 3:54.03, Rory Butler 3rd in a total time of 3:55.23. Mervin Gore placed 4th and NKosie Barnes 5th.
Lindsay Duffy completed the 3 stages in a total time of 2:39.32. Nigel Fabian won the Cadets and Junior Class with David and Dexter Simmons 2nd and 3rd respectively in the Cadet Class.
The 2013 ABACA 3 Stage Race was sponsored by Subway and Lucozade. 

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