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Tuesday 22nd May 2012


The Antigua and Barbuda Cycling Association hosted their 8th race for the 2012 race season but none could compare to the excitement and riders line up to Sunday’s ABACA Circuit Race.

A race with packed with the most or almost all of best riders in the recent history of Antigua’s cycling; Jyme Bridges, Robert Marsh, Omari King, Marvin Spencer, Godfrey Pollydore, Jerry Walters (Miami based Antiguan rider) Neil Lloyd and Dale Richardson.

These are all favourites going into the 20 lap circuit race. Anyone could win the event and all made several attempts to break free. The first attempt came from Olympic Scholarship holder, Jyme Bridges which was chase down by the riders of various clubs, attempts followed by Robert Marsh and then Andre Simon to no avail.
Then to follow by Brian Lyn and Bobby Simon, all who established breaks but was caught. The best attempt came from Neil Lloyd who made his move with B-Class rattlers team mate, Walton Francis, the two mange to stay in lead of the race for 12 laps before got caught by a surge of the peleton driven by Jyme Bridges. The Jyme, Marsh and Pollydore show go upset got upstage by an improving Marvin Spencer of the Team Terminix when he made an attack in the 3 to last lap to break free for the group of elite riders, taking Omari King and Clint Henry with him. The 3 manage stay away to open as much as a minute and a half on the main group.

The event climax with the sprint between the leading 3 with Omari King as the favourite, he also was in the best position to win as his Rattlers team mate was with him. But the lone Terminix rider was too strong for the two. Marvin emerge the winning after taking the sprint from over 200 meters out to nip Omari King on the line. Team Terminix, Marvin Spencer won the 40 mile race in a time of 1:46.20.806 Off the Rack Fashions sponsored, Omari King had to settle for 2nd clocking a time of 1:46.20.817, closely follow by the second Ralttlers, Clint Henry who came 3rd in a time of 1:46.20.837. Two minutes later came the group of name brand cyclists to sprint for 4th and the respective places, but Godfrey Pollydore made it look easy; he led the group over the line to place 4th in a time of 1:48.55. Jyme Bridges placed 5th in time of 1:48.56, Ken Jackson and Robert Marsh were 6th and 7th respectively.
Walton Francis and Tesheed Gordon continue shine at the top of the B-Class category. The two easily led Sunday’s race for most of the 17 lap B- Class race. The two came down to a sprint, another close one, to close to call by the naked eyes, but Walton Francis resulted as the winner, to clock a time of 1:31.01.054, closely followed by Tesheed Gordon, the Junior-Class rider who chooses to ride a class above. He clocked a time of 1:31.01.637 to place 2nd. Ashley Rhodes was 3rd in a time of 1:32.53 ahead of St. Clair Williams and Mervin Gore who was 4th and 5th respectively.
Kevinia Francis reigned over Lindsay Duffy only lasted one week as Duffy had the upper hand in Sunday’s Female category 10 laps. Duffy bounces back this week to win the 20 mile female class in a time of 1:03.26. Kevina Francis had to settle for 2nd producing a time of 1:05.31.
Jaleel Connonier easily won the Junior-Class over Tristan Matthew in the 26 mile Junior category. The Antiguan missile, Connonier didn’t need to display his sprinting power as he won his class by over two minutes over his rival to complete the 13 laps in a time of 1:10.55. Tristan Matthew was 2nd in a time of 1:12.19.
Antigua future in cycling continues to look bright based on the talent of Joel Phillip and Nigel Fabian. The highly talent 13 year old Joel Phillip continue to give even the elite riders trouble up to the distance of his race, and easily winning the Cadets Class. He completed his 10 laps in a time 55:08 over and improving Nigel Fabian who was 2nd in a time of 56:07.
Peter Kelsick was the lone competitor in the Sports – Masters Class. The Nation’s icon triathlete completed the 32 mile Masters course in a time of 1:34.24.  


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