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Wednesday 13th July 2011

Jyme Bridges continues his winning streak at the Annual Billy’s Food Mart Friars Hill Challenge on Sunday 10th July. Jyme Bridges return home from Cuba at the end of May at the end of his first segment of his Olympic Solidarity training program that was awarded to him through the Antigua and Barbuda Olympic Committee. However, his results in his past 4 races can attest to the quality of his training. Bridges along with Robert Marsh, Marvin Spencer, Bobby Simon and Chiel Lefebure separated themselves from the rest of the pack in the first lap of the 12 lap race.

Marsh, Bridges and Chiel further separated themselves for the trio to lead the race during the seventh lap. The three manage to stay together to sprint home for top honours. Club Savoy, Robert Marsh attacked the Rattlers club duo at the crest of Friars Hill leaving the young Belgian behind, but Bridges manage to withstand the pressure and pain to gage Marsh to the last 3 meters of the course where he pulled to the left of Marsh and with a strong sprint to win the 2011 Billy’s Food Mart Friars Hill Challenge. Bridges won the 48 mile race in a time of 2:08.27, 6 minutes better than the time he set on the course last year. Robert Marsh also made great improvement on his last years’ time to place 2nd in a time of 2:08.28. Chiel Lafabure continues to show improvement to ride home by himself to place 3rd clocking a time of 2:08.59. Marvin Spencer and Bobby Simon both of Rebel Racing were 4th and 5th, clocking a time of 2:11.52 and 2:16.23.

Clint Henry continues to show that he is the man to beat when it comes to B-Class. The 20 year old who started racing late April continue pedalling himself to the top of the local cycling scenes by easily winning his 3rd consecutive B-Class event. The Rattler’s rising star complete the 10 laps B course in a time of 1:54.16 ahead of another strong contender of a different gender, Tamiko Butler. The 20 years old female continue to beat up on the men by getting ahead of Devon Norris as one of her toughest competition to the top of the B class. Butler of Rattlers club was 2nd in a time of 1:54.40 ahead of Norris who was 3rd in a time of 2:01.06. Tamiko Butler contested the B-Class after she completed the 6 lap Female class and won ahead of Lindsay Duffy. Butler completed the 24 mile Female course in a time of 1:07.49 to win ahead of Duffy who was 2nd in a time of 1:23.45.

Tristan Matthew continues to shine to win his 2nd consecutive race. The 2011 National Junior Champion completes the junior class to win his event in a time of 47:44. Matthew winning ability secures him the spot to represent Antigua and Barbuda at the Caribbean Junior Cycling Championships to be held in Puerto Rico, August 12 – 15th. Tesheed Gordon who also showing improvement was out sprinted and had to settle for 2nd clocking a time of 44:45. Joel Phillip continues to progress after his performance declined after being ill. The 12 year old completed the 4 lap course in a time of 52:34 to place 3rd ahead of his cousin, Nigel Fabian who was 4th in a time of 52:58.

The 2011 Billy’s Food Mart Friars Hill Challenge is sponsored by Food Brokerage Services and Lucozade. This event brought the 2011 Cycling season to the end of the first half after staging 11 events dusk far. The race activities will resume on 13/14 August with the staging of the Robert’s Construction 3 stage race along with 6 other events including APUA Inet Family Fun Ride.
Meanwhile, Antigua and Barbuda Cycling Association continue to make waves in the region after the hosting of a very successful OECS Cycling Championships. The service of Antigua and Barbuda AMB My Laps Timing System is hired to conduct the time and results of the region’s most popular and biggest one day race, John T. Memorial Race. Roland Morgan and George Baptiste will be in Anguilla to operate the Timer System. The John T Memorial race suffered of poor official results and results up to the first 20 riders over the years.

The professionalism of our timing operation was identified and hired immediately by Anguilla’s representative at the OCES Championships to solve the area that tarnish the quality of the region’s biggest event. The system is expected to give results to over 70 riders and able to print and post the results immediately after the race. The organizer of the memorial race is confident that our services with build the integrity of their event and has already recommend it to other active neighbouring cycling countries.


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