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Wednesday 1st June 2011

Photo showing 2011 Folly Hill Road Race winners

The Antigua and Barbuda Cycling Association hosted the Folly Hill 50 mile road race on Sunday 29th May. The event started approximately 9:40am in front the Police Recreation Grounds and head to the Northern parts of the island which includes Old Parham Marble hill area, Hodges Bay and Airport road. This year’s event the route was adjusted to include part of the course set for the APUA inet OECS Cycling Championships before the riders met the race key challenge, Folly Hill.
Robert Marsh continued to show that he is prepared for the June 5th event when he separated himself from the others in the Pot Works Dam area in the same area he did to win the Test Course event on 15th May. Marsh took the lead taking veteran, Brian Lyn with him but is pace was too much for Lyn to handle as he left Brian in the English harbour area to take on the course challenges by himself to ride home solo to win his 3rd consecutive event.
Marsh completed the 2011 Folly Hill Road Race in a time of 2:03.51 ahead of Chiel Lefebure who out sprinted Marvin Spencer to secure 2nd place. The Belgian clocked a time of 2:05.25.8 to edged Marvin Spencer who had to settle for 3rd place with a time of 2:05.25.9. National Champion, Cosmos Richardson placed 4th ahead of his Father Dale Richardson who was 5th respectively. The National Champion completed the course in a time of 2:06.55 whilst Dale placed 5th in a time of 2:07.00.
B-Class saw the emerging star at the top of the podium in the like of Clint Henry and Walton Francis. Clint Henry won the B-Class and placed 11 overall. The 20 year old completed the course in a time of 2:13.02 ahead of B-class point’s leader, Alvin Merrick who was 2nd in a time of 2:16.32. An improving Walton Francis took the final spot on the podium, the 19 year old clocked a time of 2:22.27. Devon Norris and Xavier Henry were 4th and 5th respectively.
Lindsay Duffy was the lone rider in the female class; she completed the female 40 mile course in a time of 2:46.50 for top honours in her class. Kerry Vital was also the lone rider in the Beginners Class. Kerry completed the Beginners course in a time of 2:36.03 to capture the Beginners-Class.
Meanwhile, The Antigua and Barbuda Cycling Association will be hosting 2011 APUA inet OECS Cycling Championships on Sunday 5th June starting at 9:30am. The event will start in front Police Recreation Grounds and follow the route up Factory Road, North Sound, Mount Joy Round a bout, Pares road, Black Out road, Pot Works Dam, Bethesda, Red Hill, Cobbs Cross, Falmouth, Liberta, All Saints, Jonas rd, North Sound, Factory rd to Police Grounds for 3 laps finishing back at PRG.
A positive reception of the championships has received from the OECS countries; so far all six active cycling countries had confirmed participation. Tortola, BVI was the 1st to confirm with representation coming from 4 riders. BVI also confirmed participation from their top rider who is presently training in Cuba, Darel Christopher Jr. Anguilla also confirmed 4 riders with Danny Lard as one of the race favourite. Grenada confirmed 6 riders which include last year’s 3rd runner up, Sydney Walters, Tyrone Thomas and Danny Donelan all are respectable rider of the region. St. Lucia confirmed 6 riders which includes 2009 OECS Champion, USA based Sydney Charles, the Maraj twin brothers and Cuba based, Fidel Mangal. St. Kitts/Nevis confirmed 4 riders with their top triathlete, Reginald Douglas flying their flag. St. Vincent confirmed 7 riders included are Miami based, Dominic Ollivierre, Shimano Bailey and Tortola based, Orano Andrews. President and Secretary General of the Caribbean Cycling Federation, Trevor Bailey of St. Vincent and Cyril Mangal of St. Lucia will also be in attendance. Antigua’s Jyme Bridges and Robert Marsh is the reigning OECS champions. Bridges with the 75 mile extremely hilly event held in Grenada last year and Robert Marsh placed 2nd.
The two will be defending their title and are also considered and race favourites.  

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