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Monday 1st December 2014

Presentation of prizes to students at St Nicholas Primary School by Jane Seagull (Art At The Ridge’s artist-in-residence and one of the judges of this competition).  From left to right: Shreya Gaekwad, Dylan Meade, Jane Seagull, Zella Meade, Esha Viswanath                                     

Art At The Ridge is delighted to announce the winners of the island’s 2014 children’s Christmas card competition.  This long-running and popular annual art competition is open to all schools in Antigua & Barbuda.  Artwork is judged in six age categories, ranging from ages 7 to 19.

  As always, this competition showcases the high standard of our island’s artistic talents from a very young age, and some earlier winners have since gone on to join the island’s well-known and thriving art community.  The winning Christmas cards are printed on island and are currently on sale at Art At The Ridge, Chippy Antigua and Sea Island Trading.   Thanks to all sponsors of this competition – Alltype Construction, Chef’s World, Chippy Antigua, Coconut Grove Restaurant, Harper’s Office Depot, Lolita’s, North Sound Marine Services Ltd, Toy Box Ltd.   Congratulations to all winners and runners-up!


  • Dylan Meade, age 7, St Nicholas Primary School
  • Zella Meade; age 10, St Nicholas Primary School
  • Noah Robinson; age 12, Island Academy
  • Kayli Fisher; age 14, Island Academy
  • Anne Marie Beardall; age 15, Island Academy
  • Mariah Evanson; age 16, Island Academy  


  • Shreya Gaekwad, age 7, St Nicholas Primary School
  • Esha Viswanath, age 10, St Nicholas Primary School
  • Gabrielle Whitlock, age 11, Kids Unlimited Primary School
  • River Andrews, age 13, Island Academy
  • Rebecca Swanepoel, age 15, Island Academy
  • Leah Hadeed, age 16, Island Academy                                                                  

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