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Thursday 10th December 2009

To Aidan for his supreme confidence in opening Sugar Ridge Hotel for The Food & Drink Industry Party, a wonderful venue and team.

To the Sponsors 

IPL & Best Cellars  - Terry Brown Tony Theodore & Pascal Sold,
Thanks for all the Ingredients to make our night so special, the Piper Heidsieck Champagne and the Remy Martin Ice Box

The Cointreau Bar was a winner with the Cointreaupolitan (Cointreau, Vodka, lemon juice & a splash of cranberry juice), the shakers were great.

Brydens – Frances-Ann and Team went all out to create a truly memorable experience, this level of promotion has surpassed anything Antigua has witnessed. The Photos say it all.

Cocktail selection and bar teasers from: Smirnoff Black, Johnny Walker Red & Black Label, Carib Beer, Baileys Irish Cream - Original, Créme Caramel & Chocolate/Mint – Soft Drinks
San Bennedetto Sparkling & Still Water, Lipton Teas, Nescafe Coffee, Ceres Natural Fruit Juices (Brydens)

Quin Farara – Lisa & David – The guys proved their knowledge of wines is on par with their Rums and spirits at an exceptionally high quality.

Château D’Esclans Provence Rosé, Whispering Angel, Château D’Esclans
Terrazas de los Andes ,Still White (Chardonnay), Red (Malbec & Cabernet Sauvignon)
Terrazas de los Andes Reserva, Still White (Chardonnay), Red (Malbec & Cabernet Sauvignon) Quin Farara – Main Rums
Appleton Estate - Dark & Stormy
Full range including the only 30 yr old rum in the world, Bacardi – Mojito, Angostura 1919 & 1824, 10 Cane (Agricole Rum) - Ti Punch

Virgin Atlantic – Colin Skerrit - for his unwaivering belief in this event – Virgin Atlantic proved they are miles above the competition with a fantastic massage lounge and some first class service. The Raffle tickets were won with smiles

Chef’s World - Julian & Marie for the Smart Chef Jackets and their huge effort to make this event happen.  Caribbean Alliance Insurance  – Greg Manners, Mr Letby and Co for commissioning that Super Cake with The C.A.I. Queen. US Meat Export Federation for providing the wonderful Meats, to Mike Compton the President of the BBQ Association and Liz Wunderlich, Angus Beef and US Pork –-Derede Samuel Whitlock – the USA Director of Tourism and her team for her continued support and for bringing their friends, international Act, Sister Sledge! Wow what a finale!  -To Jeff, Nancy & Alfredo and The Beach Restaurant and Pizzas Team, good time revival, very tastefully executed -to Dr Mansoor of the Ministry of Information and Communication for ABS technical support – Christopher Terry a Student who epitomises the good spirit and zest of young talent when given an opportunity to shine – and Zinzi who continues her success, with hardwork , talent and the support of family. To the Culinary students, the hospitality students for whom this event is so important– and the Executive Chefs who have given their time and effort, ‘Big up’ The Rhyming Chef, Barbuda!. A special thanks to Graham Singer of Blue Waters Resort who has gone beyond the call of duty. To all the Exec Chefs for their time to teach us a thing or two and understand the limelight falls on the students ;-) To RICO drums /vocal and Band, Elroy Francis on Keyboards, Tedy Algernon Joseph on bass, a superb performance of Crazy, Simply the best, Ordinary people, Get Rated, Spanglish and Rum in the Soca, hire THE Band now or watch this space. To Martin Mansoor for LAVA International sound system. Food & Drink TV Nigel Francis – Gnardy Conteh for your miracle production work. To Lennox Francis for the remaining BBQ Grills – Captain Lenroy Browne and team of Supreme Security for being the most professional security on Island. And Paddy of Ichy Feet for stepping in with the stage, with Steve Jackson as Engineer.

And a ‘massive shout’ to Mr Trendy himself, Darryn Pitman, a fine show with the 6 Degrees Below Zero Models, superb, Clarissa Samuel, Creative Director, Omar Spencer Runway Coach, Designers - Sharine Rainbow Expressions – Isabelle  Piacentini - Beau et Belle – House of Argent., and to DJ Misbehaviour - Amazing! To Rosie McMaster for keeping it hot. To all those who have donated special auction prices. To Food Fantasies for the cakes - Mr & Mrs Lupinacci of The Hermitage, Nevis, (a great Place to stay) To Rufus Gobat for the Cap Maison weekend. To Andrew for The Carslisle Bay stay. To Sascha Mercer who with her ‘Global Excellence’ training has helped us achieve a truly memorable occasion. Karine we miss you. Most importantly to the restaurants and bars who have supported the Food & Drink project, without you we would not be here.

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