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G1. Start of the walk - the calm waters of Freeman's Bay at 6.30 am.

G1. Start of the walk - the calm waters of Freeman G2. Take the path through Galleon Beach Resort and bear right. G3. One sole catamaran in the harbour, as this walk was in September, come back in December and the G4. The path has a gentle incline which acts as a good warm up. See the collapsed Agarve cactus to t
G5. Walk to the end of the point, and take the steps up to the ruins of the Fort G6. a neem tree offers some much needed shade, and acts a great stopping point to take photographs o G7. From the same point, the hill opposite is the hile up to Middle Ground and over to Pigoen Beach. G8. Steps down from the fort is a track which leads back to the beach, and the alternative route up.
G9. The view over the edge - not a place to slip and fall! G10. Back on the Fort, take the steps onto the wall, and start following the white dots G11. Or painted bands on the trees G12. The first view of the rugged coastline
G13. And the same view around 5.30pm (in September) with the beautiful rays of the setting sun light G14. The unwelcome terrain is covered in Agave cactus. As this is taken in September, the large eleg G15.With the rocky path clinging to the edge of the cliff in places, its not a great walk if you don G16. The rocks are well marked to keep you on the right path. This mark is showing a split in the pa
G17. Beautiful clear waters below make this area a popular dive site - with Pillars of Hercules and G18. Weathered rocks offer some clamebering opportunities. Early in the morning you will often find G19. Looking back down the coast line - not a house, boat or even goat in site...its a beautiful hik G20. And the rocks at sunset
G21. The rocks looking almost pink in the setting sun G22. As you ascend the hillside, this bizarre array of Giant Milkweed trees look like people standin G23. As you climb past the Giant Milkweeds and reach the brow of the hill you are treated to the nex G24. The path now turns uphill and a steep climb on rough ground keeps you focussed. There is usuall
G25. Nearly at the top - the view down into the valley is breathtaking. G26. The roadside when you reach the main road - which leads people back down the same trail.

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NAME: Carpenters Rock Trail
ADDRESS: From Freeman's Bay to Shirley Heights lookout. Approximately 2km
LOCATION: 12 View Map

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