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Friday 19th November 2010

Friday 19th November 2010, 7:00 pm.

A Love Story: Lesley & Anne
Director: Sharda Ganga (SURINAME)
Lesley and Anne come from very different worlds, but against all odds they fall in love. Will their love be strong enough to bridge the differences and to counter their mutual prejudices? And then they receive the result of their HIV test…

Panman: Rhythm of the palm
Director: Sander Burger (ST. MARTIN)
The first international film from St. Martin, tells the story of the rise and fall of the career of drummer Harry Daniel. Harry is a symbol in the Caribbean and his private life feels the effect of put his music over his family. He’s desperate to give the flag of culture to a younger generation.

Hit For Six
Director: Alison Saunders-Franklin (BARBADOS)
Hit For Six! a full-length feature film, is the story of a playboy West Indies cricketer who fights demons of his past, including a match fixing charge, and learns about love while struggling for his last chance to play in a major global tournament and earn the respect of his estranged father, a former great West Indies player. This emotional drama, punctuated with excitement, intrigue and love, tells the inspirational story of Alex Nelson, a talented but inconsistent cricketer, who has been sidelined from the WI team for scuffling with his coach, Amir Misra of India. Now out of the team for three years, he pursues an unlikely quest to get back on the team for a last chance to play in the Global One Day Series. He is fueled by a burning desire to regain the respect of his estranged and critical father, a former great West Indies player, who was unfairly denied a chance to play in the first Global One Day Series. As he battles demons of past vices he encounters valuable lessons in love and forgiveness.

Saturday 20th November 2010, 5:00 pm, Free.

Three Kings of Belize 88 minutes
Director: Katia Paradis (BELIZE)
In a small Central American country with a population of 285,000, three veteran musicians share moments of their daily lives with us. As time goes by and progress settles in, we are reminded that nothing is eternal. Despite the lack of interest by the younger generation, these three extraordinary men offer us a glimpse of hope, freedom and humanity.

Southern Lights 20 minutes
Director: Nathalie Glaudon (MARTINIQUE)
Martinique’s cultural wealth got it highest expression in the most diverse artistic manifestations.

Haiti Trembles 12 minutes
Director: Claude Mancuso (HAITI)
A compelling account of the earthquake of January 2010 that devastated the country of HAITI and its capital, Port Au Prince.

Woman 4 minutes
Director: Jean Jean (HAITI)
A woman is beaten by her husband and kicked out of her house with her son.

Hooked (Rated R) Mature Audiences 38 minutes
Director: Nigel Trellis (ANTIGUA and BARBUDA)
Penny decides to end her relationship with Benjamin when she knows that David, the father of her daughter, will be soon out of jail. Benjamin gets mad and decides not to leave the house, because he pretends to face David and the entire situation that can bring over him.

Haven (Rated R) Mature Audiences 99 minutes
Frank Flowers (CAYMAN ISLANDS)
During a weekend, two shady businessmen (Paxton and Dillane) flee to the Cayman Islands to avoid federal prosecution. But their escape ignites a chain reaction that leads a British native (Bloom) to commit a crime that changes the nation.

 Sunday 21st November 2010, 2:00 pm.

Lest We Forget 14 minutes
Produced by the Clare Hall Secondary School (ANTIGUA and BARBUDA)
A docu-drama on the Atlantic Slave Trade.

Finding Phoebe 9 minutes
Produced by the Antigua Girl Guides (ANTIGUA and BARBUDA)

Anancy 5 minutes ANIMATION
Director: Andrew Davies (JAMAICA)
Anancy and common sense.

Cecilia Valdez 6 minutes ANIMATION
Director: Tony Nodarse (CUBA)
The story of a Cuban Creole woman who dances and sings, of her love of a Spanish man in Colonial Havana.

The Vegetarian Super Machine 5 minutes ANIMATION
Director: Camille Selvon Abrahams (TRINIDAD and TOBAGO)
The search that led him to the depths of his being…..

Under The Leaf 19 minutes
Director: Dominique Duport (GUADELOUPE)

20 Years 15 minutes ANIMATION
Director: Barbaro J. Ortiz (CUBA)

Milk 10 minutes
Director: Alex Cottrell (COLOMBIA)

Free Swim 15 minutes
Director: Jennifer Galvin (BAHAMAS)
An award winning documentary about the paradox of people who live on the coast and cannot swim. It takes place in Eleuthera Island in the Bahamas, and it is about a group of children who want to get over their fears and learn to swim in the open sea.

Southern Lights 20 minutes
Director: Nathalie Glaudon (MARTINIQUE)
Martinique’s cultural wealth got it highest expression in the most diverse artistic manifestations.

Haiti Trembles 12 minutes
Director: Claude Mancuso (HAITI)
A compelling account of the earthquake of January 2010 that devastated the country of Haiti and its capital, Port Au Prince.

A Voice of Our Own 45 minutes
Produced by
The documentary gives the public a front-row view into the daily activities of persons with disabilities.  DPI NAC intends to have the documentary used as an awareness-raising tool to amplify the need for change in our societies that will give persons with disabilities an equal opportunity to live and make meaningful contributions in their individual locations.


Calypso at Dirty Jim’s 85 minutes
Director: Pascale Obolo (TRINIDAD and TOBAGO)
This film showcases the last of the great Calypsonians, singing such classics as “Rum & Coca Cola”, Jean and Dinah and “Shame and scandal in the family”. The film provides an opportunity to recapture the sound of classic Calypso in all of its splendor. Sparrow, Calypso Rose, Terror, Bomber, Superior and Relator are gathered around Syl Dopson’s orchestra at “Dirty Jim’s Club. A Lively and touching tribute to some of the legends of Calypso.


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