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Monday 10th June 2013

With World Environmental Day being June 5th and World Oceans Day being June 8th, Sugar Ridge hotel has taken the lead in celebrating both of these days in one.

On Sunday June 2nd, staff from Sugar Ridge Hotel, members of its gym and their friends along with the Wadadli Trail Blazers Hiking Group, gathered at the beach in Johnson's Point next to Pelican Isles to give the beach some love.  We gathered at 8.00am, just in time to see some of the villagers finishing up their morning swim which is a great way to start the day and knowing that we were helping to improve the aesthetic appeal of the environment for the users served as a great motivator.

The area - near Cades Reef and South Coast Horizons Adventure experience - is one of many significant coastal areas.  The beach and nearby mangrove swamp in addition to providing a spawning ground for fish and safety for nesting turtles, also provides a nesting area for birds and a haven for other marine life. While it isn't one of the island’s more popular beaches, it's a great venue for families with young children looking for somewhere to have a quick dip.

The clean-up group, consisting of about 25 persons and sponsored by the Sugar Ridge "Green Team" is part of the hotel's community outreach with the activity coordinated by Ava Mason, "Green Team" leader. The team’s efforts resulted in the collection of some ten large bags of garbage and culminated with the planting of 7 coconut trees which the group expects that in time will in addition to providing shade for beach-goers, will also help to reduce beach erosion.
The Team pledges to continue its community outreach but hopes that all persons who use the area will make a conscious effort to keep it clean.

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