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Monday 8th August 2016

Located in Valley Church, Passion Village is a dual development, comprising of 22 individual villas, and a communal swimming pool inside the restaurant, where guests can stop to speak and drink together. Nature enthusiast will be over-awed by tranquil surroundings, a haven for local flora and fauna.

Close to the restaurant there is parking for the shops and offices.

The structure is made of reinforced concrete with thermal insulation, whilst the windows are in PVC or Aluminum to ensure maximum insulation and the duration of time.

Floors are made of Italian body color; Porcelain stoneware (wood effect).

Passion Village is equipped with many services. The Village is completely fenced and access is only available to guests, owner and tenants, who can:

  • Rent a car and book sea or land excursions
  • Relax and meet friends around the elegant swimming pool whilst sipping on cocktails
  • Enjoy dishes prepared at the Restaurant - Club House which serves high quality international and Italian cuisine
  • Find assistance for your every need during your stay in Antigua.

Passion Village is in two stages presently:

Phase 1 – is in progress and, to date number 4 and number 4 apartments are still available.

Phase 2 – will require more time,

The Village

The two stages of development include:

Phase 1:

  • 7 independent villas (1,550 sq. ft.) with private garden
  • 4 apartments (753-807 sq. ft. each)
  • 6 studios
  • 2 offices
  • 1 club House Restaurant (breakfast/lunch/dinner)
  • 1 Swimming Pool

Phase 2:

  • 16 independent villas
  • 5 apartments
  • 1 tennis court with services
  • 1 bar connected to the Club House Restaurant service

Services - Security:

The Village is fenced and when fully operational, will have the security services of 24/7 controlling access and the running of activities.

Maintenance: A maintenance team ensures prompt action at all times

Lands keeping: A team of gardeners ensures constant maintenance of the common green and, on request, the private green which must, however be kept in good condition (mowed lawn and pruned trees) to ensure the decorum and cleanliness of the village.

Restaurant: The village will have a restaurant and club house where guests can enjoy breakfast, lunches, cocktails and dinners by the pool.
The Club House will be the meeting place for guests, who can spend time chatting, playing cards or billards, enjoy cocktails by the pool and why not do business in the private rooms.

The Villas:

The standard villas have the following characteristics:

  • Plot Size: approximately 4,574 sq. ft.
  • Villa Size: 1550 sq. ft.

Composition: Lunch/Living room, kitchen, 3 double bedroom with en suite bathrooms, utility room and outside patio

Building Materials:

  • Masonry structure with thermal insulation
  • PVC or aluminum windows
  • Galvanized roof
  • Wood effect porcelain tile floors
  • Bathroom coverings porcelain stoneware


  • Contemporary style
  • Sanitary and bathroom furniture
  • Dining room with table and six chairs
  • Living room with TV table, lounge with 1 sofa and 2 chairs or 2 sofa
  • Bedroom (double bed/wardrobe/bedside table/drawers/mirror)

The standard villas are customizable internally according to the customer’s tastes. Additional cost will apply.

The Apartments:

The apartments have the following features:

  • Plot size: approximately 4,575 sq. ft. with a 2 storey building for 4 apartments (2 ground floor and 2 on the first floor)
  • Dimensions app: 753- 807 sq. ft.

Composition: Lunch/living room, kitchen, 2 double bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms

Building Materials: Same as the villas

Furniture: Same as the villas

The apartments are also customizable to the customers taste. Additional costs will apply.

Plot Size Description Price
Plot 1     436,00 sqm 2 storage building with 4 apartments

Apartment 75 sqm Ground Floor – US$ 250,000

Apartment 70 sqm First Floor – US$270,000


Plot 2 432,00 sqm

Villa 1 Square

Villa 1 Square + Pool

US$ 540,000

US$ 590,000

Plot 5


426,00 sqm   



Villa 1 Square

Villa 1 square + Pool


US$ 540,000

US$ 590,000

Plot 9 450,00 sqm

Villa 1 Square

Villa 1 Square + Pool

US$ 540,000

US$ 590,000

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