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Friday 20th July 2012

Queen of Carnival contestant #1 Miss Tenisha Sebastian, shares her experience at the Amazing Grace Children's Hospital in an article dubbed "The Power of Words".



The Power of Words by Miss Tenisha Sebastian

"Has anyone ever said something to you that made you feel like no matter what you do, you are going to fail?  Did you hear something that makes you feel like it doesn’t even make sense trying, because you are going to fail anyway There is a saying often spoken by children who are arguing, “Sticks and stones can break my bones but words can never harm me”. The words which we speak can either send life, encouragement or death and discouragement into someone else’s spirit.  

I have heard of mothers who tell their children, “You are going to be just like your worthless father,” or some neighbor; someone in the village that said to someone else’s child, “You will never amount to anything.”  Sometimes we speak words without even realizing the effects that it will have on the person who hears them.  Some people have reacted according to what they hear; they look for other people to motivate and encourage them; to validate who they are. On the other hand you have people who thrive in proving that no matter what anybody says about them, they are going to make it.
It is a good thing to look at your children and say, ‘You can make it; just give it your best shot” and when they fall down or didn’t do well in school, tell them “Learn from your mistakes and try harder the next time.” There are statistically a large amount of young men in prison that have been told as children, ‘You will never amount to anything or you look like a criminal’ jail is going to be your future.” These young men didn’t have someone in their lives to tell them, ‘No matter what you look like; you can become anything great that you put your mind to.”  It doesn’t matter what your father, mother or any other family member did you; you can achieve great things.  You may be the son of a drunkard, but you can become a doctor, lawyer. Teacher, or politician…the sky is the limit and realize how blessed you are.  
On Saturday 14th July, I experienced a mixture of bitter sweet emotions coursing through my body, as I went to various charity locations and had fellowship with the youth and children.   It was indeed a very dynamic day for me.  I learned the power of impartation; the power of a touch; a gift or the simplest act of kindness shown and the reactions it could produce.  I learned the power of speaking the right word at the right time and the capacity it has to change someone’s countenance.
As I moved around and touched small ones, I saw smiles which lightened up their eyes and transformed their faces; smiles which moved me to tears. Holding a fragile life dependent upon the strength and care of someone else touched my heart in a way that is difficult for me to express; of course I have held a baby before but this was different, the idea of knowing that any child living in an environment away from family members need a special brand of love. The warmth of this little fragile body, basking in my love has left an indelible impression on my heart. My visit to Amazing Grace made me take a serious look at the need for strong demonstration of love imparted to them on a daily basis; love that makes them feel special and important.
I interacted with girls at the Sunshine home for girls and felt the joy of touching their lives by sharing a part of mine.  I gave out gifts but I realized that the greatest gift that I gave was the demonstration of my love and the power of the words I imparted to them. I spoon fed, hugged, laughed and talked to those less fortunate; I was so thankful that I could lend  a helping hand and give of myself to someone else that could never give me anything back to me in return.
I felt that I have been given an opportunity to make a difference in somebody’s life; a responsibility to say the right word, because this opportunity may never come again.  Sometimes we only have the opportunity to meet a person once in life and then they are gone; migrated or something else occurs and they are gone from our paths forever.  I want to sow the power of a positive word so that it could germinate and bring forth good fruit for the hearer.  
You know what I mean…..Those of you that nay have heard a discouraging word at some time in your life and it is still affecting your life today, making you feel that it is pointless to try, I have a few words for you……”You can make it; if at first you don’t succeed; try & try again.”  Wake up that strength that has been sleeping inside of you for years and begin to exercise your determination to accomplish that thing you gave up on….come on!  You can do it!  Remember when you were a child and you fell off the bicycle; got up and got right back on?  
Don’t let  the negative words of the people around you stop you from trying.  Don’t let anyone cause you to give up on your dreams; I dare you to dream again. The words which caused you to quit years ago may still hurt; the wound might still have a sore spot by the scab but with the right liniment, it will heal.  Here is some liniment to help you…..”You were born to win” apply this three times a day to the infected area; you are stronger than you think….take four teaspoons every 6 hours.  You can get up…….rub on the affected area and massage gently for 15 minutes.  
Every negative word you have heard in your lifetime that has caused you to think negatively about yourself; made you cry and still make you cry because you look back at what you could have become can change today.  Begin to think about what you can do and not about what you should have done.  Look in the mirror and speak words of healing.  They said I can’t; but I KNOW I can.  They said I’ll quit, but I will NEVER give up.  They said all my family members are failures, but I WILL make the difference because I will never become a failure.  
They said…they said….a lot of ugly words they said, but I am a strong, beautiful, proud black woman with talents and lots to offer.  My prescription for you today is “Never say, never.”  They said, “I don’t have a chance”, but I was born to win; I am a winner because I refuse to stoop to their concept of me.  I am free in my mind because I refuse to let their words enslave me.  Yes, I am free, black & beautiful.  Sticks and stones can break my bones, but I choose not to give other people’s words power over me to break my spirit.  It is what I believe and the way in which I apply myself, that will determine my destiny.
 I refuse to become a product of other people’s bitterness and jealousy.  I will not allow myself to walk in the footsteps of anyone that belittles me or others.  I am strong and courageous; therefore I will not be afraid to try my best at whatever I decide to do.  Yes, decide….A word which is synonymous with such words as: Choose; agree; adopt; Resolve; Elect; Select; Plump & Pick.  I choose to win; I agree to conquer all odds; I adopt an attitude of winning; I am resolved to never give up or give in; I elect; select the trophy of champions…in essence I am destined to win.    You might not see a winner in me, but I do; others might never see a winner in you, but it’s not about what they see, it’s about what you see.  
Now have you used my liniment today; oh, you have?  That is wonderful!   Now wipe the past image off your mirror and look into it again.  I guarantee you that you see a new image.  You now see the image of a champion; a winner, because you dare to rise above other people’s negative words and opinions.  You can look at your image in the mirror and see the same thing I do.  I see strength & beauty the image of a person empowered to win.  Square your shoulders; lift your head and march out into life with the determination to win.  
I am Miss Tenisha Sebastian, the #1 queen of carnival contestant, sponsored by the #1 beauty supplies store & sponsor, Ayoushe Beauty Supplies & Beyond.  When life gives you lemons; make lemonade, put it in the refrigerator and when chilled, drink that refreshing drink and receive strength to go on again."

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