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Thursday 12th May 2011

The Queen of Carnival Competition is the first staged pageant of Carnival, being held this year on July 26th. This show has maintained true to the core principles, however we have witnessed new innovative segments introduced to keep up with the times and enhance the overall production.

The delegates undergo professional comprehensive and rigorous training in stage performance, talent execution and oratory skills.

For 2011, these are the Queen of Carnival Contestants:

Miss Jennaecia Lewis

There are many ventures that I have embarked on in my 21 years of life, many of which I have deemed successful. The few that may not have worked out positively have not been discarded but are used as lessons well learnt and stepping stones for greater accomplishments.

My most recent pursuit is to be crowned Antigua's Queen of Carnival 2011 - a dream that I believe I can make a reality!

As a delegate, I believe that I have what it takes to represent Caribbean women and culture and to bring a fresh outlook to what it means to be a Queen of Carnival. I am of the belief that the recipient of this title should be one who is just that, a Queen. She should be one who exemplifies beauty, talent, intelligence and should be a people's person.

These are all character traits that I believe I have attained, whether through experience, guidance or having had them inbred through my upbringing in family life and having attended the Antigua Girls' High School, which played an avid role in shaping and moulding me into the person that I have become.

I am one who strives for success and betterment of self. Currently pursuing my Associates in Education, I have managed to maintain a 4.0 GPA at the University of the West Indies Teacher Education programme, and it is with this same mentality of success that I intend to approach this competition.

My aim in this competition is to take myself higher and to be a representative for older and younger women alike. I intend to use the influence acquired with wearing the crown to enhance myself educationally by attaining my Bachelor's Degree in Education to serve the Antiguan community more effectively in my profession. I also intend to use my influence to become a motivational icon and personality to young women who have struggles with self-esteem and other adolescent dilemma that have become rampant in our society.

Follow me in my journey as I aim to make you the Antiguan public proud.

Miss Latisha Greene

I am a former student of the Christ the King High School and alumni of the St. John's Catholic Primary School. My goal is to graduate from the Antigua State College Business Department in June 2011. Being an athlete, actor, dancer, artist and leader, I hope to attain my life's dream of becoming an Events Coordinator, upon completion of my studies.

As an intelligent, beautiful, and outgoing 18 year old young lady, I will do my best to be crowned Ms. Queen of Carnival 2011. If successful I will make the most of it by not only being a unique individual of strength and talent, but also being a great ambassador to those who will look up to me for support as a leader. I will also encourage others who wish to aspire to becoming Queen of Carnival by telling them to do their best in all things and always hold their heads up high, and knowing that anyone can accomplish their dreams.






Miss Talisa Gomes

Twenty year old, Talisa Gomes was born and raised in Ovals Antigua. This 4' 3" beauty graduated from the Christ the King High School in 2008 with seven CXC passes under her belt. Currently employed at Fast Cash Antigua Ltd as a Loans Officer, this well-rounded young lady is enrolled at the Antigua & Barbuda International Institute of Technology, ABIIT, pursuing an Associates Degree in Business Administration.

Talisa has a passion for learning and, once she has completed her studies at the ABIIT, she plans to pursue a Bachelors degree in Business Law and a Master's degree in Political Science and Human Resource Management.

Her ultimate goal is to become a politician. She is persuaded that, with the right leadership, any person, team, company, or country can realize its true potential.

Talisa has a flair for modelling and it is no great wonder that she eventually found herself strutting down the local runways as a model. At Sandals on a Monday evening, you will find this Antiguan belle showing off her skills. Apart from modelling, she also enjoys playing the pan, dancing, listening to music, experiencing new things and meeting new people.

Although petite in stature, Talisa dreams big and holds the following as her favourite quotations by which to live: "aim for the best because yes you can make it big in life" and "never say never."

Talisa's inspiration in life comes from Valique Gomes, her older sister, and Yvette Butler who showed her how to walk like a queen and a model. She speaks highly of them both as it was through them that she has learned how to live a happy and successful life and to accept people for who they are.

Talisa's first taste of pageantry came just in 2010 at the Homecoming Queen Competition. Here she gained invaluable experience, and developed a number of her ambassadorial traits such as patience, punctuality, understanding, and flexibility.

If crowned Queen of Carnival, Talisa hopes to be a role model to the youth, especially the young ladies. It would be to her absolute delight to use this pageant as a platform from which she may impress upon the youth that they should pursue their dreams and let nothing hold them back. Whether the forum is television, radio or in the classroom itself, Talisa stands ready to seize any opportunity afforded her to be an inspiration to girls in Antigua & Barbuda, and throughout the Caribbean.

With her pleasant personality, openness, and passion for life, this determined young lady has captured the hearts of many and, in the fullness of time, she will capture yours!

Miss Larissa James

I have the found this courage to succeed and now I continue to test my limits. Born and raised on the beautiful island of Antigua and Barbuda, island life has certainly molded me into a unique, friendly and creative individual. Through some of my experiences, I was faced with many challenges which enabled me to channel my inner strength and self-motivation. I am 23 year old Larissa James, a former student of the Antigua State College A level's Department and currently employed at the West Indies Cricket Board.

I am no stranger to the stage. I must mention, from the tender age of three, dance has always been my passion and I have been dancing for 20 years now. Pageantry has also played a major role in my childhood years. I was the winner of the first ever Miss Sunny-Dale Pageant in 1997, 1st runner up in Optimist Petit 1997, the winner of Miss Black History Pageant at the All Saints Secondary School in 2002 a participant in Teenage Pageant in that same year and also a participant in Miss Antigua Teen 2003.

All work and no play makes Larissa seek new experiences. I am an exuberant young lady who enjoys having fun. To this end, shopping, listening to music, singing, modeling, dancing, travelling, going out with friends and basking in the sun at the beach on a stretch of powder- white sand occupy my leisure moments. Additionally, I have cultivated the habit of reading positive mental attitude books, self help and motivational books as well as books related to success and money.

As part of my journey to becoming a Philanthropist and giving back, I have taken a keen interest in Outreach Programs.

My ultimate goal in receiving this prestigious title will give me great pleasure in performing the role of ambassador of my country and a role model to the youths. I plan on furthering my education in the field International Business and Law, assisting families, children and individuals who are desolate and indigent, aspiring to bring some stability to family lives and connectivity, within the communities of Antigua & Barbuda. With the crown on my head, and the wind at my back, I will endeavor to do my best to achieve these goals.

Miss Satriece George

I am 23 years old. Born February 2nd 1988. I attended the Sunny Dale Primary School where I gained early education and developed numerous talents such as dancing & singing. I attended the Ottos Comprehensive Secondary School and graduated with six (6) CXC subjects. I then continued my tertiary education at the Antigua State College and obtained an Associates Degre in Business Administration. I am currently employed with the ABI bank as a teller/csr with aspirations to pursue a career in marketing. I am a peoples person, I have a knack for designing almost anything I get my hands on and I am a total "Fashionista" and that's whi I think ill do great in the said industry since it comprises of all the things I enjoy doing most.

If I were to be crowned Queen I'd use my influence to show fellow young ladies that in today's world that having high standards and moral values are extremely important. In addition, beauty, grace, style elegance and class are all attributes that a woman should possess and should never be sacrificed to be successful. Women should not have to choose between attaining success and maintaining a good reputation.





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