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Thursday 15th December 2011
High Tide Christmas Series 2011
This will take place from Thur 22/12 - through Thursday 29/12 and will consist of a series of (at least) 4 races over 3 days. 
Races will have different points weighting so that boats which cannot do the entire series can still place if they do the high tariff race.   Also as the high tariff race is the last in the series this will keep the series more open until the end.   The schedule of races will be as follows –
Race 1   Thurs 22/12 start 3:30 pm, approx. 60 – 75 min. race
Race 2   Mon 26/12 – Boxing Day start 1:00 pm approx. 60  min. race 
Race 3   Mon 26/12 - start as soon as possible after finish of both classes, approx. 75 – 90 min. race
Race 4   Thurs 29/12 start 3:30 pm, approx. 60 – 75 min. race
Classes -   There will be two classes – class A for the faster performance types and class B for the slower cruiser types, classic yachts, and Carriacou sloops
Entry Fees:  Boats up to 50ft @ EC$100 for the series or EC$50 for Boxing Day (Race 2 and 3) only
Boats over 50ft @ EC$150 for the series or EC$75 for Boxing Day (Race 2 and 3) only
Scoring  - Will be on a Low Point system- amended as follows :-  
First 3/4 point, Second 2 points, Third 3 points, etc.
DNF will score ONE point more than the last boat to finish
DSQ will score TWO points more than the last boat to finish
DNC will score THREE points more than the last boat to finish
The final race will be a double tariff race – All above points per position will be doubled. Four (4) races are scheduled for the pairs of which one (1) shall be completed to constitute a series.
Handicapping – 
All boats in class A will race with their true CSA numbers.  Boats without CSA numbers will be given a rating which will accurately reflect the probable true CSA number the yacht would get if measured. Class A ratings will be fixed for the series unless amended by valid upheld protest.   
All boats in class B will be given an arbitrary (best guess) club handicap.   The club handicap will be a similar number to CSA (true CSA will be used where known) and other boats will be given an arbitrary CSA number.   All club handicap numbers are Provisional and subject to alteration for the next race by the handicapper which he might (or might not) do if any boats finish corrected time is more than 10% adrift from the CT of the median finisher.  However any boats’ rating number may only be adjusted once and only based on its first race position.
Sail Wardrobe – a boat will rate for races numbers 1, 2, 4 with a consistent sail wardrobe declared prior to the series start.  However she may declare a different sail wardrobe for race no. 3 (the longer race) and will rerate accordingly for that race only.   She must notify the starter / race officer at least before the first warning signal – by hail or radio – and must receive confirmation of same.
Prizes  –  “High Tide” prizes will be awarded to the winning boats in each class.   Additional fun prizes may be awarded.
Courses – will be laid within the Rendezvous Bay – Hercules Pt. area.  The starting finishing area will be at entrance to Falmouth harbor near Bishops Reef mark.  Course plans and diagrams will be emailed and displayed at AYC and made available no later than the skippers briefing.   Actual course to be sailed for any race will be notified by the committee boat / race officer by flag, hail or radio.
Skipper Briefing will be at the AYC on Wed. 21/12/ at 6.30 pm.
Radio – will use channel 12 which all yachts will be expected to monitor.   Changes to SI’s may be made by radio or by hail and is allowable as an ‘on the water’ amendment.
Time limit –
For races 1, 2, 4 will be official sunset time for Antigua
For race 3 will 20 mins. after the median finisher in the class
Social – After each days racing, the AYC will be open to host a results ceremony and social evening.  All sailors are asked to attend.
Dockage – AYC will be asked to make their full dock allocation available to yachts taking part in the series but as docking is limited it must be on a ‘first come first served’ basis.   There is some potential for boats ‘rafting up’ to create more room.   Jolly Harbour boats will be given every consideration in dock allocation.
For boats having to anchor out then AYC will make every effort to ensure a dinghy service is available to ferry crews to / from their boats.

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