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Wednesday 31st May 2023


The weekend saw more than 25 members of the CSA come together at Antigua Yacht Club to attend the CSA Annual General Meeting and Conference. Members representing over 10 different islands joined in person and digitally throughout the weekend to discuss the upcoming sailing and regatta season in the Caribbean.

The conference date was shifted to the beginning of the summer with an objective of being at the key part of the year for planning of the 2023-2024 season and thereby allowing a collective effort to work together and have time for execution before the busy season kicks in.

Of the new date, CSA President Michele Korteweg says, “It was a late decision to change the date, however the attendance showed it was a better time of the year to host the event. We changed the meeting to be in May so we have more time to analyze, plan and prepare for the upcoming season. It became the theme of our conference that this year we have to take a different approach. We need to stop focusing solely on our own programs and broaden our horizons to analyze trends and developments so we can be proactive, rather than reactive and troubleshoot. In an environment of constant change and challenges, as organisers we were able to have time to reflect on our successes and also look at opportunities ahead of us. The CSA is a platform where we share experiences, knowledge, and information. It brings the region together and has made it a very strong entity. This conference is vital to that concept and therefore well utilized.”


Given the new date, the existing board had served for only half of their term and therefore agreed to stay in place for the new term. Rana Jamila-Lewis from Antigua Sailing Week made herself available to join the board as a director, and is the only change in the board.


The existing board members are President Michele Korteweg (SXM), Treasurer Steve Kern (BAR), Board Director Rana Jamila-Lewis (ANT) Vice President Tamsin Rand (BVI), Vice President Saskia Revelman (SXM), Vice President Jaime Torres (USA), Vice President Brian Sylvester (GREN), Vice President Bruno Kancel (GLP), Chief Measurer Bastien Pouthier (TTO), Past President Alison Sly-Adams (ANT).


The conference covered many areas and was focused on further developing Regattas and Sailing Programmes in the Caribbean. Topics included race management, international trends, foiling in the Caribbean, marketing and inclusion. Input was received from key note speakers, representing shipping companies, charter businesses, marketing and foiling experts and this raised the quality of the information shared at the conference.


Alongside the conference, a separate training session was held by the CSA measurers, including potential new measurers from Barbados and Antigua, as the Caribbean team recognized the importance of adding new talent. Any sailors, or people from the marine industry regionally interested in finding out more about measuring and how you could become a measurer should get in touch with Chief Measurer Bastien Pouthier here. Information was shared regarding the rating rule in a separate session with all the attendees to better understand the challenges and opportunities they are facing while developing the rule.  


Time was also taken to discuss sailing development across the region, focusing on a Caribbean Dinghy Calendar, networking and contact groups and methods, coach development and setting the dates for the Caribbean Dinghy Championship (CDC). These are confirmed for 26-28 October, 2023 after Olivier Rene-Corail, president of the Sailing Federation in Martinique, confirmed his invitation for the CDC to be hosted in Schoelcher, Martinique. More information about this event will be published soon.


The organizers of the CSA conference are grateful for the support of its partners who provided  support, Axxess Marine, the National Sailing Academy, Antigua Yacht Club Marina, Antigua Sailing Week and host venue Antigua Yacht Club. Of course, the contribution by CSA members and international key note speakers made the event the success it was and we are looking forward to maintaining a dialogue throughout the year.

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