Here is a list of public holidays in Antigua and Barbuda and how the locals like to spend these days. There are often events happening on these days around the island, but if there is nothing special planned, there is always the beach! On public holidays locals like to get together with family and friends and spend the day at the beach as they don't get to do that on a regular basis. Please check out our What's On section for a complete listing of events happening on these holidays.

NEW YEAR'S DAY - This is a day of relaxation and for family and friends to get together wish each other well for the new year.

GOOD FRIDAY - As this is a major religious holiday, most people in Antigua will attend church.

EASTER MONDAY - Another day for relaxation often at the beach. A tradition in Antigua as well as the rest of the Caribbean is kite flying on Easter Monday, so you will often find kite flying gatherings around the island.

LABOUR DAY - The day to celebrate all our hard work! Each political party in Antigua organizes a huge bash by one of the many beaches on the island. The party includes lots of food, drink, socializing and evening concerts of local and international artists.

PENTECOST/WHIT MONDAY - A day to get together with family and friends and maybe bring a picnic or barbeque on the beach.

CARICOM DAY - A day to celebrate all things Caricom. Caricom is the oldest surviving integration movement in the developing world.

INDEPENDENCE DAY - Food fairs, sport competitions, dance festivals, art and craft exhibitions and even kite flying contests are held across Antigua during the month-long run up to Independence Day. Look out for the schools, offices and government buildings festooned in colourful decorations for the occasion and people dressed in the national colours. On Independence Day itself there is always an official address to the nation by the Prime Minister of the island and a gala ceremonial parade at the Antigua Recreational Ground.

NATIONAL HEROES DAY - Day to commemorate the life of the late V.C Bird, first Prime Minister of Antigua & Barbuda and its other national heroes.

V C BIRD DAY - Day to recognise and commemorate the contribution to Antigya & Barbud by the "Father of the Nation" himself.

CHRISTMAS DAY - Christmas is a family holiday so locals cook and spend the day at home welcoming visitors. For visitors from far away who don't have family on the island there is a Champagne Party on Nelson's Dockyard.

BOXING DAY - The beach is a favoorite activity on Boxing Day.

For a full listing of events on and around Antigua's public holidays, visit our What's On section.


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