The Capital city St John’s is a real melting pot of architectural styles, and shops can be found anywhere from new complexes to beautiful brightly coloured renovated 19th century Caribbean buildings.

The city was founded in the 1660’s by the English colonisers and was made prosperous up to the mid 19th century due to the success of sugar production on the island. Following emancipation and the massive reduction in sugar prices the town began to deteriorate.
The city is approximately 4 square miles on size, and is designed in an easy to navigate grid system. As long as you have a map in hand, it is very difficult to get lost in St Johns – and if in doubt downhill is generally towards the harbour, and uphill is out of town.

Any shopping visit to St John’s, Antigua must include a visit to the following areas:
Cruise Ship Dock – Many cruise ships every week of the season come into the Cruise Ship Dock which leads directly into the Heritage Quay shopping centre.
The Heritage Quay Shopping Centre – for branded and luxury goods and duty free prices.
Vendor’s Mall – for local crafts and souvenir’s.
Redcliffe Quay – for elegant restaurants set in shady courtyards, and beautiful handcrafted pottery and gifts.
Heritage Market – for vibrant local fruit and vegetable shopping
Woods Mall - an extensive shopping centre just to the North of the City Centre
Other shopping areas around the island:
Jolly Harbour – shops selling everything from daily provisions to beautiful works of art.
English and Falmouth Harbour –offers an array of gift, clothing and food stores to delight you.


Shopping in the Capital of Antigua, St. John

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