You are able to bring pets into Antigua and Barbuda but an import permit must be obtained from the Antiguan Chief Veterinary Officer before the importation of all animals. In order to obtain this permit, the intended animal must first be micro-chipped and its blood tested for Rabies Titer at an approved laboratory. The result of such tests must then be forwarded to:

The Acting Chief Veterinary Officer
PO Box 1282
St. Johns, Antigua
Tel/Fax: (268) 460-1759

For more details on exact requirements of testing and paperwork please visit
Please note the following when travelling with pets:
• Always seek the advice of your veterinarian before flying any pet
• Please check with your airlines for list of requirements i.e. proof of vaccinations, a current health certificate, etc.  Airlines have specific requirements designed to ensure your pet's safety.
• Make sure that the kennel in which the animal is confined is approved for air travel. 
• ALWAYS leave a collar on your pet that has a tag with your name, your address and your pet’s name on it. 


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