Normal shopping hours are Monday - Saturday 9:00am to 5:00pm. Although many stores still close at noon on Thursdays.


Most stores accept both $EC and $US , but be sure to check when you ask a price (where it is not labelled) whether it is EC or US. It is not appropriate to bargain in shops and stores however it is expected at the Vendors Mall at Heritage Quay. Major credit cards are generally accepted in the Redcliffe and Heritage Quay shopping areas.


Again observance of greeting people in the store on your entry will win you much better service than if you do not speak – it doesn’t matter whether you are intent on buying or merely browsing – a greeting will help to gain better service.

Most hotels have on property a variety store and gift shop for incidentals. Optionally there are supermarkets located throughout the island in various sizes.
There are many large supermarkets in and around St. John’s, at Woods Mall, Jolly Harbour and smaller but equally well stocked supermarkets in the English and Falmouth Harbour areas.
The fruit and vegetable market opens daily except Sundays selling fresh produce from both Antigua and imported. For more information take a look at Heritage Market.


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