The national broadcasting service is A.B.N. radio, but there are also many other local radios. In the past 4 years talk radio has featured very heavily in Antiguan society. It is well worth listening to if possible while on holiday if you want to really start to understand the political and economic landscape – that is if you can understand what is being said!! Here is a selection available:

– believed by many to be the station which made history by supporting the current government in their fight for election on the 23rd March 2004 and winning.  Its a mixture of phone in shows, current affairs and music.  To really get involved listen to Serpent every week night at 9pm, or all day Saturday until he wants to sleep.  You can find them on 91.1FM or you can take a listen on line.

CRUSADERADIO – the official station of the current government the United Progressive Party, on 107.3FM.

A.B.N. RADIO – the official radio station of the island – available on 90.3FM.

ZDK RADIO– Music & Talk radio on 99.0FM

FAMILY RADIO – Music format all day and night at 92.9FM

GEM RADIO –  Music format all day and night at 93.9FM.

BBC WORLD SERVICE – if you want to keep up to date with what is happening around the world then this favourite is on 89.1FM


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