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Friday 17th June 2016

For Sale: US$450,000

The Project

Set in the Caribbean's premier yachting centre with breathtaking views, and first class service, South Point is an exclusive boutique condo hotel. Combining local architecture, the principles of Feng Shui, Italian interiors and this unique location, South Point redefines the style of historic English Harbour. This development is about the blend of a spectacular location, people, delectable food, drink, and music to create the set for unforgettable times.

The 23 beachfront units feature open-plan layouts with Italian kitchens, living area, spacious terraces, and a full complement of modern furnishings combined with a view of the most incredible yachts in the world. Amenities and facilities include, a cosmopolitan restaurant over the water, a modern lounge, beach, swimming pool, fully equipped fitness center, boat dock, high-speed Internet access, cable TV, guest reception, serviced laundry, and room, beach, and pool service.

Residents and guests of South Point will find their unit fully furnished to 5-star standards, complete with Italian bathrooms and kitchens, European appliances and lighting. In addition, its ideal position adjacent to the Antigua Yacht Club, offers South Point guests a slew of entertainment options within walking distance; including some of the island's most popular bars, restaurants, and cafes, as well as, beach, shopping, tennis, racquet ball, snorkeling, scuba diving, paddle boarding and sailing.

This boutique condo-hotel offers a solid real estate investment opportunity through participation in the Condo Hotel Rental Program as well as your own pied-a-terre in Antigua. A total of five residential buildings house the 20 one-bedroom apartments (4 apartments in each building) and 3 two-bedroom Penthouses (located on the third floor of the 3 center buildings). The one-bedroom units are approximately 1100 sq. ft. each, while the two-bedroom Penthouses are approximately 2300 sq. ft.

South Point Hotel Inc. (SPHI), an Antigua & Barbuda corporation, wholly owned by the Developer, is the exclusive provider of hotel services through the Condo Hotel Rental Program to those Owners who place their property into the rental pool.

Units may be owned individually or as shared ownership Citizenship By Investment Program (CIP), each unit with separate condominium title registered in accordance with the Registration of Condominium Titles Act of Antigua & Barbuda and the South Point Falmouth Harbour Condominium Plan No. C200800028.

The Investment

South Point is a fully approved Antigua & Barbuda Citizenship By Investment Project. Interested purchasers may choose to apply for citizenship in Antigua & Barbuda using the purchase of a South Point Unit as a qualifying real estate purchase or they may simply purchase the real estate without this option. Under the CIP program, purchasers may acquire units either as a single owner or as shared ownership; with shared ownership each unit may be divided into 3 shares. In order to execute the shared ownership option purchasers will be required to acquire one share of a local Antigua company into which the ownership of the unit will be vested.

  • Ground Floor and First Floor Units US$ 865,000
  • First Floor Units (1-bedroom, 102 & 104) US$ 885,000
  • Penthouse 2-Bedroom Units (resale only) US$ 1,900,000

CIP Shared Ownership

  • Ground Floor and First Floor 2 shares each US$ 450,000/share
  • First Floor Units (2 shares-units 102 & 104) US$ 475,000/share
  • Penthouse 2-Bedroom Units 4 shares each US$ 500,000/share

Facilities / Services

  • A boutique hotel
  • 20 one-bedroom & 3 two-bedroom fully furnished apartments
  • Caribbean architecture
  • Modern interiors
  • Italian kitchens
  • Bathrooms and furniture
  • Docking
  • Swimming Pool
  • Restaurant
  • Lounge
  • Fitness Centre

Apartment units sold with free-hold condominium title. 15 units already sold, 8 units remaining

An approved project under the Antigua & Barbuda Citizenship by Investment Program

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