In 1966, a national flag design competition was held for the occasion of attaining Independence in Association with Great Britain on February 27th, 1967. There were over 600 entries, with Mr. Reginald Samuel winning the first prize of $500 for the best design.

He had entered the very last minute before the deadline, and made the design in only about half an hour. He rushed to buy an envelope to get the entry to the Administration building in time. Later he heard he had won! Mr. Samuel is an Antiguan artist, sculptor, painter and art teacher.
The winning design, together with the chosen anthem, coat-of-arms and slogan, was displayed on a board outside the Administration Building next to the Post Office, so the people of Antigua and Barbuda could see their future devices. That original board may now be seen as an exhibit at the Museum of Antigua and Barbuda.
The 7 point golden sun of the Antigua & Barbuda flag represents the dawn of a new era. The colour red, the life blood of slave forefathers and the dynamism of the people. Blue represents hope, black, the soil and African heritage and gold, blue & white Antigua's and Barbuda's tourist attractions sun, sea and sand. The "V" formed by the red borders represent: "Victory at last."
In 1994, it was decided that seven full points of the sun should be displayed for many as twenty had sometimes been shown! It has been suggested that these seven points should represent the six parishes plus our sister island, Barbuda, though the designer himself did not have this in mind.
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