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Sunday 23rd April 2023

The rich and inherited cultural traditions of the communities of the National Park will be on full display during this year’s celebration of Dockyard Day, a long established custom in the Dockyard which brings the curtains down on the annual yachting season.

Dockyard Day, organised by the National Parks Authority, will be held this year on Saturday May 6 from 12 noon to 8pm and feature a host of activities geared at exposing members of the public to the unique traditions of a thriving yachting community.

A featured highlight of the activities will be the model boat race, which is deeply steeped in the unique and indigenous traditions of English Harbour. Dockyard Day creates a platform for the skilled model boat builders to emerge from the shadows and showcase their undeniable talents in building ready to race and intricately crafted and designed vessels.

The boats will remain on display before and after the race, making it possible for members of the public to get an up- close view of the amazing designs and to speak with their skilled and talented builders.

Another major attraction of the seaside activities is the Greasy Pole contest, another long held tradition of Dockyard Day that will combine with the highly anticipated Kayak race, to create an entertaining and exciting afternoon of traditional activities for the entire family.

A host of activities have been organised to create a fair-type atmosphere on the lawns of the Dockyard for all ages. The featured highlight will be the Tug-0-War competition, which will once again pit the Royal Police Force of Antigua and Barbuda against the Antigua and Barbuda Defence Force.

A beer drinking and bun eating competition along with traditional board games of Warri and Dominoes will also form part of the afternoon activities.

The ceremonial Beating of the Retreat, led by the Royal Police Force of Antigua and Barbuda, is another dominant activity of the evening’s proceedings and signals the end of the yachting season.

The National Park is expressing gratitude to sponsors, partners, stakeholders who are giving their support to the event while praising the hardworking eorts of Park employees who are at the forefront of organising the activities.

“Dockyard Day is symbolic of what holds our community together. For the National Park, it is yet another activity that brings attention to traditions that the people of our community hold precious and have long treasured. We must therefore do all we can to keep them alive so the support we receive from the public and sponsors is dearly appreciated,” the NPA noted.



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