Beautiful small clusters of purple and white flowers, which often bloom as other parts of the plant are producing large, (3 to 4 inches), green oval seed pods. 

Drought-resistant, very salt-tolerant and,  through its wind and animal dispersed seeds, it quickly becomes established as a weed along degraded roadsides, and in overgrazed native pastures. Has a preference for and is often dominant in areas of abandoned cultivation especially sandy soils in areas of low rainfall; it is often assumed to be an indicator of over-cultivation.
It is a shrub or small tree up to 2.5 m (max. 6) high, with a simple stem, rarely branched, woody at base and covered with a corky bark. All parts of the plant exude a white latex when cut or broken which can be a severe irritant to sensitive skins.
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Giant Milkweed,Antigua Flora

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