This prime property set on the peak of Monks Hill/Horsford Hill boasts the most spectacular panoramic views of English Harbour, Falmouth Harbour, and the lush green valleys and rolling mountains of Boggy Peak/Mount Obama and its surroundings.

The view is the most breathtaking and spectacular from any angle of the property. It is said to be not only the best in the country but one of the most magnificent views in the entire Caribbean. It is mentioned by many experienced writers and spectators that only privileged human beings will ever see such a view in their life time; while others have said that it is “the best view and landscape nature can ever present to the human eyes.”

There are more than 2.3 acres of land with over an acre of hilltop plot (Parcel No 253) and more than 1.2 acres of gentle buildable gradient land (Parcel No.145). Every inch of the land has the same magnificent views as described above.

The property is easily accessible from the main road going towards English Harbour through Liberta village. The present owner constructed a special road and a short uphill driveway to access the property from the most spectacular view side, which one can enjoy while driving up to the property. This new road has been recently constructed through the Crown land to magnify the beauty of the private property.

Out of the two lots, Parcel #253 area, being a little more than an acre of land, is well fenced with retaining fort wall which was built in 2002 by the present owner with 200% strength to the engineers’ structural specifications. This retaining wall measures approximately 1200 feet around the hilltop for the feeling of full security at the top of the mountain especially to offset any feeling of altitude phobia at that height.

The property has a 4000 square foot double storey cottage, built-in utility building, a security gate-house with a high level overhead water tank and a power house which generates electricity.

The entire cottage is built in upscale construction and has all natural stone green marble with full service kitchen having granite counters including the Arabian marble dining table and other luxury and elegant amenities for Caribbean good living. Outdoor living/party area has Spanish columns and the building has Greenheart wood roof from Guyana. This wood roof is covered with high grade galvanized steel.

Read more about the property here, and view more images including the building plans in the photo gallery.

To request a viewing please call +1 (268) 464-2219, WhatsApp +1 (268) 464-2218, or email:


Antigua Real Estate For Sale By Owner: Prime property for sale

Antigua Real Estate For Sale By Owner: Prime property for sale

Antigua Real Estate For Sale By Owner: Prime property for sale

Antigua Real Estate For Sale By Owner: Prime property for sale

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TEL: WhatsApp +1 (268) 464-2218
CELL: +1 (268) 464-2219
ADDRESS: Horsford Hill, Liberta, St. Paul's, Antigua
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