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Monday 2nd September 2013

It’s been 10 years since owners Alison and Colin Adams took over Antiguanice.com, continuously changing the website, newsletters and media reach to create a better product for both our valuable clients and site users. Below, we thought just for fun we would chart some of the history of Antiguanice.com:

June 1998 - Wayne McCourt, the original creator of Antiguanice.com registered the domain name www.antiguanice.com

From June 1998 to August 31st 2003 – Various people were involved in the business along the way, including Didier Boulous-Callias, Eva Heinfling and Geoffrey Pidduck.

September 1st 2013 – Colin and Alison Adams became 50% shareholders in the business, along with Geoffrey Pidduck.

September 25th 2003 – The first email was sent out to customers, explaining the power of banner ads. The logo at this point was:

March 1st 2004 (or there abouts) – Colin and Alison became 100% owners of Antigua Nice Ltd.

June 3rd 2004 – The first What’s On Newsletter was sent out to around 1000 subscribers and our customers at the time, which amounted to about 100. The layout was simple, with short text but no pictures.

September 19th 2007 – Their first newsletter using the emailbrain software was sent out, the software we would continue to use until July 2013. Emailbrain served us well, though frustrating at times, but set us on the road to newsletter heaven! At this point, still no pictures .



June 26th 2008 – The next incarnation of the What’s On Newsletter. By this time we had been working in the background for over a year on the new look of Antiguanice.com and were starting to transfer data. At this point, a new girl at her first job started temporary work with us, soon to become the longest serving member of staff who is still with us, Daydre Daley.


September 14th 2008 - Feeling very sorry for a newlywed couple Kimberly and Richard Black we did our first foray into fundraising and with the assistance of the ABMA raised nearly 30,000EC to help get them and their wedding party back to the UK when the airline they arrived on, XL Airlines, went bust! We are happy to say they are still happily together with a young child just arrived in the family.

September 2008 – Involvement started in Sport Fishing Tournaments, beginning with being part of the original planning team, the brainchild of Phillip Shoul, Chairman then and now of the Antigua and Barbuda Sport Fishing Club, for a new event, the Francis Nunes Jr Fishing Tournament and Seafood Festival. A Fantastic success, after that’s first event, it changed the face of sport fishing and forced the move in 2009 from the Catamaran Marina to Nelson’s Dockyard to be able to accommodate all spectators and boats.

February 26th 2009 – The first What’s On Newsletter sent out with a spotlight on Real Estate, capturing the top spot. This newsletter was very well read and showed the demand for Real Estate features.

May 26th 2009 – The new look of Antiguanice.com was launched, with a screen shot shown below. The launch was announced through simple email format, sent out to subscribers and clients through Emailbrain.

June 05th 2009 – The What’s On Newsletter gets a bright and colorful facelift! 

July 23rd 2009 – The launch of customer logins, allowing clients to add to or edit their content themselves. Many of you still don’t make use of this, but it’s there and waiting when you are ready.

September 2009 – Facebook icons were added to the website so starting the growth to the madness that is social networking!

October 2nd 2009 – The What’s On Newsletter layout changes again, ever improving to provide a better service to clients and users.

November 12th 2009 – Beginning of collaborations and event sponsorships, starting with our friends Janie and Gulliver of Food and Drink Guide.

August 10th 2010 – The first Antigua’s Yachting Insider was sent out, with new editor on board, Kathy Lammers.

November 1st 2010 – A little foray into print when a partnership with Observer Media Group (OMG) means our What’s On Listings go into the Enjoy publication every two weeks. Sadly due to the ongoing recession and changes at OMG it only lasted one season!




November 10th 2010 – The first Antigua Real Estate Guide was launched, a now monthly publication from Antiguanice.com. 




September 1st 2011 – The What’s On Newsletter changes it’s look again. 

September 27th 2012 – The Antiguanice Booking Engine launches. Click here to check out accommodation availability for various properties around Antigua, from budget to luxury lodging.


July 11th 2013 – We switched our mailing software again from Emailbrain, with new look and layout. 






July 5th 2013 – The first Real Estate Newsletter sent out on new mailing software.







July 09th 2013 – The first Antigua’s Yachting Insider to be sent out on the new mailing software.

And so we continue to build the history of Antiguanice.com, constantly finding new ways to better serve our clients and site users through changes to our website, services and media outlets. Thank you to our loyal customers and fans for your support over the last 10 years!
And a big thank you to everyone who has or is still working for us and with us along the way: Rhonda Christopher, Fanny Charles, Daydre Daley, Alessandra Binazzi, Tracy Guerrero, Stephanie Bridge, Annabelle Fleming, Joanne Hillhouse, Caren Tonge, Cheryl Lewis, Kathy Lammers, Derrick Sutherland, Donna Gonsalves–Barreiro and the many friends who have kept us sane along the way.


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