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Wednesday 31st July 2013

We are in the midst of the Caribbean’s Greatest Summer Festival, Antigua Carnival, and the fun and festivities are in full swing and keep going until Last Lap next Tuesday. Check out the details of the opening parade that happened on Saturday, along with Children’s Carnival on Sunday.

This Thursday is the Antigua Commercial Bank Panorama, where guests at the show will be treated to beautiful steel pan music from the islands best steel bands and orchestras, playing intricate pieces of music perfectly. Come out to Carnival City, the Antigua Recreation Grounds, at 8:00 pm and enjoy an evening watching talented musicians compete for the Panorama championship.

The Jaycees Caribbean Queen Show is scheduled for this Friday at Carnival City and will host Queens from around the Caribbean, including our recently crowned Queen of Carnival, Raynel Caroll, as they compete for the regional crown of Jaycee’s Caribbean Queen 2013. The show starts at 8:00 pm and admission for the Andy Roberts stand is EC$25, with admission for the Sir Vivian Richards Stand is EC$40, with reserved tickets for EC$35. You can also enjoy the VIP experience at the show for EC$100 in advance.

After the Jaycees Queen Show, get pumped for Party Monarch at Lions Den at the Pre Soca Monarch Jam, featuring Madtiguans and the Mad Machine, Ezzy Ratty-gan, Tizzy, Claudette Peters and the Burning Flames. Admission is EC$20 and the jam kicks off at 10:00 pm.

The big show we have all been waiting for is taking place this Saturday and as the stage gets set for the LIME Party Monarch, opinionated talks on who will emerge the winners are continuous and sometimes heated, as fans of the reigning Monarch Tian Winter defend their favourite local performer. Newcomer Ratty-Gan has impressed the crowd in the quarter and semi-finals and some say he may have a shot at taking the jumpy title ahead of fan favourites like Tizzy, Ricardo Dru, Hard Knaxx and more. Local legend Claudette ‘CP’ Peters is taking part in the Groovy section only, alongside many other artists, some of whom are competing in both Jumpy and Groovy sections. Check out all artists competing in their respective sections this Saturday and come out for an unforgettable show filled with electric performances by recently named cultural ambassadors, to keep you dancing and jamming all night. The competition starts at 8:00 pm at Carnival City.

The Wadadli Beer Calypso Monarch Competition is slated for this Sunday at Carnival City and we will see the reigning monarch De Bear compete against finalists like Blade, Eddie Mello, King Fiah, Queen Singing Althea and more. Check out the full lineup of competitors and come out to support local talent as they perform in the Caribbean’s famous music genre, Calypso.

After all competitions close and winning artists and queens have been announced, including Junior Carnival Prince and Princesses,  it’s now time for two days of jumping and jamming to celebrate the close of Antigua Carnival 2013. Carnival Monday and Tuesday are public holidays in Antigua and is when Carnival mas troupes are judged and winners announced.

Carnival Monday in Antigua starts off early at 3:00 am with J’ouvert, where J’ouvert troupes gather with their patrons, bands and guest performers behind their trucks and move slowly through the streets of St John’s jamming continuously until the sun rises and still after, with many troupes throwing paint, water or foam throughout their gathering to enhance the revelry as the street party runs its course. If you want to take part and are looking for a troupe to party with on J’ouvert morning, consider Angels J’ouvert Troupe, who are offering guests breakfast, a T-shirt, optional shorts, drinking mug, rag and security as well as white paint and lots of entertainment including artists like Tizzy, Ricardo Dru, Madtiguans and more.

Later in the afternoon on Carnival Monday, the Carnival troupes hit the road again for the first day of mas, where mas troupes like Myst Carnival and their patrons dance, fete and revel in the slow paced street party through St John’s to Carnival City where they will take the stage in continuous jumping up to be judged.

Carnival Tuesday is the second day of mas, where troupe patrons wear the stunning costumes that mas troupes presented at the beginning of summer to entice player to join. The streets of St John’s will be packed with people in creative and colorful costumes, producing a sea of vivid and bright hues in motion as the reveling moves its way through to Carnival City. If you aren’t participating in mas, you are invited out to watch from the side lines as thousands of feters pass by clad in fantastic feathers and beads making up their beautiful Carnival costumes.

Once the mas troupes make their way to Carnival City, they hit the stage again for the final jump up, where they will be judged for one last time and winners will be announced. At about 8:00 pm, Last Lap begins in St John’s for the final jam session of Antigua Carnival 2013, with lots of vendor booths open throughout the capital.

To check out all routes that will be taken for each parade and street jam, click here. To see the winners of the Teen Splash competition, click here. We hope everyone has a happy and safe Carnival and if you want to find out about other things happening in Antigua, check out our what’s on section here.


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