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Monday 29th June 2015

Burning Flames

Elton (Sabu) Thomas, team leader of Bandsmen United, the production team that will be hosting the Total Collaboration event with the original Burning Flames met with Digicel this week and secured a partnership to host one of the most anticipated events over the past twenty years in Antigua & Barbuda.

The event which is scheduled to take place on Friday, 17th July at the Yasco Sports Complex, will see the original ‘stylee tight’ band performing together on the same stage taking us through a plethora of hits dating back to 1985 before the break up in 1996.

Attempts have been made before to get the band to perform together back in November 2013, which they did, however, they performed on the same stage but never as the Burning Flames band.  

Sabu, event promoter and ex Burning Flames drummer, said the last event was to put two different bands, Red Hot & Burning Flames, on the same stage but this time it’s all about the original Burning Flames.  

“This is what Antiguans and Barbudans have been waiting for. After twenty years, the original burning flames band have agreed to put their differences aside and perform under their name sake not only for their fans and family but most importantly for their mother. Because I have been friends with the guys for so long, they have asked me to organize the event.” He continued, “I am quite aware that the majority of the young partying demographic presently in Antigua have never had the opportunity to see them perform as Burning Flames before and we know they are really excited about the event, and as for the older demographic who have been asking for a reunion for many years, they too will relish in that moment with the younger generation”.

Onyan, Krokuss, and Sabu appeared on the Digicel Show this morning to officially announce the partnership between Digicel and Bandsmen United and to bring some awareness to the event. Oungku and Foxx was absent as they had prior engagements.

Patrice Simon, Digicel Marketing manager, co-hosted the Digicel Show with brand ambassador TJ Da DJ and she spoke briefly about the on air ‘vibes’ when it was over, saying, “This morning’s show is indicative of how much we as a people would like to see them perform together again. An event like this is rich in history and must happen and we are honoured to be considered the right brand to make it happen. Mainly because we want to preserve a bit of history for our children so they too can understand how much it means to us.”

Patrice also noted that over the next few weeks customers can expect some exciting promotions for opportunities to win tickets from Digicel.

“Keep listening to the Digicel Show on Vibz FM every Monday, Wednesday and Friday and check out our social media pages for many ways to win tickets to the Reunion show”.

Since the announcement of the band’s performance in July, many Antiguans who are living overseas have booked their flights to return home this summer for a chance to witness the moment which has been twenty years overdue.

Sabu said since the announcement of the reunion jam, the band has received many calls from promoters overseas but said the band will remain in Antigua for carnival and will not take any date until after the festivities are over. He also said that the marketing activities they have planned for the show will be the first of its kind and will include the four members’ in some instances.

Tickets to the event are now on sale for only $50 and can he purchased from any Digicel store, Super Power and a few more outlets to be named over the next week.

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