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Thursday 10th July 2014

Ultimate CPL fan Alphonsine Bleau set to spark excitement for fans of the Antigua Hawksbills 

Alphonsine Bleau was chosen as the ultimate CPL super fan for the Antigua Hawksbills following an intense audition session last Friday which saw seven fans vying for the title of the ‘Twelfth Man’.

As part of CPL’s #getmetothegame campaign, the Twelfth Man competition gave fans the opportunity to be the flag bearers for their favourite teams and becoming the rallying force during the matches and as they report on any developing stories – all the while taking to the streets to get the fans excited about the team and their thoughts on the CPL matches. Alphonsine, a netball coach and mother of three, was one of the only two females to try out for the ‘Twelfth Man’ competition in Antigua and Barbuda. She decided to enter after seeing an ad on social media that held out the opportunity for her to be the main supporter of her favourite team as well as receive an all-expense paid trip to watch the Limacol CPL final match in St. Kitts and Nevis.

She said; “When I saw the competition being advertised on Facebook, I entered immediately because I really wanted to show my support for the Antigua Hawksbills and be able to watch the final match live in St. Kitts and Nevis."

Marketing Director for CPL James Wynne said; “We are excited to see that fans are geared up to support their teams in the upcoming Limacol CPL T20 cricket tournament and through the Twelfth Man competition, they will get a chance to have a front row seat to the action this summer. Alphonsine is just one of the many fans across the region who will be leading the charge in supporting their teams throughout the tournament and with them on board, the Biggest Party in Sport just got better.”

Bleau readily admits; “I am not a cricketer myself, but I do have fond memories of watching the matches with my parents when I was younger and now my brothers have also taken up the game professionally so I have a strong passion for the game. I am excited to have won the Twelfth Man competition and I hope to be an inspiration to my fellow Antigua Hawksbills fans across the region and hopefully, our team will bring home the trophy this year.” 

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