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Tuesday 4th March 2014

WICB experiences huge uptake of its cricket offer thanks to Digicel 

As the West Indies cricket team prepared to face England in Antigua, the team attracted great fan support thanks to the WICB’s special ticket offers which used Digicel More.

Digicel More is a mobile advertising platform providing a cost effective and targeted way for businesses and promoters to advertise directly to their customers on their mobile phones via text messaging. With the WICB’s message, cricket fans across the country received information on the various locations where tickets could be purchased. This was the WICB’s response to the demand for more ticket locations.

“The Digicel More advertising platform has been used by the WICB in the WE vs THEM - West Indies vs England marketing and promotional campaign, and all indications are that it has been a resounding success,” said Imran Khan, Corporate Communications Officer for the WICB. “Within minutes of the text blast going out we received numerous responses, illustrating the effectiveness of the platform. Digicel customers were pleased to receive our offer in a direct manner and the overwhelmingly positive responses continue. We have every expectation of expanding our use of Digicel More.".

According to Clement Samuel, Digicel Business Development Manager; “Many of our corporate clients are seeing the value of using Digicel More as a marketing tool – reaching their target customers in a direct and tailored manner. The WICB’s use of Digicel More is testament to its effectiveness and we look forward to delivering that success to other Antiguan organisations in the coming months.”

The Digicel More mobile advertising platform was launched in 2013 and has been delivering positive results for businesses across Antigua and Barbuda since. For more details on Digicel More and how your business can benefit, please contact Herbert Joseph at (268) 736-5005 or


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