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Thursday 16th January 2014

Press Release: It is without a doubt that Digicel stands committed to ensuring that the residents of the Clarevue Psychiatric Hospital are housed in the most comfortable environment possible.   Work on the institution began in 2012 spearheaded by Orville Mathurin with an injection of US$50,000 to refurbish the sleeping quarters at the facility. Work continued into 2013 with refurbishment of the kitchen, the complete renovation of the Dining room and the creation of a 2000 square foot garden.   
Each of these projects were spearheaded by Clement Samuel, Digicel’s Project Manager assigned to the Clarevue.   Mr. Samuel set out his tasks with a focus on sustainability and comfort. He states “the implementation of a 2000 square foot garden means that the hospital can now provide for itself with some very basic produce such as lettuce, cabbage and eggplants.   So too, after viewing the dining area for the residents, we were convinced that such a facility should have a more updated and comfortable area for the patients to eat hence why most of the work done was within this area.   We also saw the need to upgrade the kitchen the facility and did some minor renovation work there as well. The task of Project Manager was not an easy one, but it was very much gratifying in that we were able to meet our targets and provide the environment which was will work to the benefit of the patients.
Victor Corcoran, CEO of Digicel Antigua was also on site and commented “Our work with the Clarevue Psychiatric Hospital is without a doubt a significant investment for us as a corporate entity.   It is one that has created not only a financial commitment from Digicel, but an emotional one, as our Digicel Team members have all extended their time to volunteer as painters and gardeners.   The work done by our Digicel team members has ensured that we meet our targeted timelines for completion of these recent projects. We also salute the work of the Management and Staff of Clarevue. It is through their continued commitment to the institution that each patient is cared for and we are confident that the completion of these projects will go a long way in ensuring that they can better care for the patients.
The Digicel Team members that were on hand repainted the dining area, preparing for the final stage of completion and handover of the dining area.  

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