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Tuesday 10th July 2012

The 21 residents of the Convalescence Male Ward at Clarevue Psychiatric Hospital will soon be enjoying new amenities, as telecommunications company Digicel undertakes a renovation project at the institution. The company will be donating US $50,000 to complete the restoration venture of the ward that could house up to 32 patients.

The facelift will include repairs to the building’s roof, replacement of rotten partition walls, painting of external and internal walls, replacing all beds and mattresses, re-tiling the floor and a complete refit of the bathroom areas.

Orville Mathurin, project manager for Digicel, said, “Mental health gets a bad stigma in this country and we felt that a project like this should bring a positive light into mental health and the hospital overall. It is not just about renovating a ward but it’s also about bringing focus to mental health here in Antigua & Barbuda. We’re always enlightened about ills of communicable diseases and other addictions; we never really get much focus on mental health. I hope that with the launch of this project we can do a better job at educating the public.”
Mathurin and his team, along with local contractors, will begin work at the institution as soon as approval has been granted from the DCA and other relevant bodies. He said completion of the project is scheduled for September of this year. Going forward, superintendent of the hospital Clarence Pilgrim said that it is the aim of the management team to transform Clarevue into the premier psychiatric institution in the Eastern Caribbean. The hospital, which is over 60 years old, is home to over 100 patients, both male and female.

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