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Monday 18th June 2012

Digicel in collaboration with The Ministry of Information, Broadcasting, Telecommunications, Science and Technology launched the Government Assisted Technology Endeavour (G.A.T.E) project on June 14th 2012 at the Multipurpose Centre in Perry Bay.

Digicel is the exclusive partner of this program pledging to make a meaningful difference to both the youth of Antigua and Barbuda and the overall competitiveness of our beautiful twin island state.

We believe this program is a solid vehicle that will teach hundreds of young Antiguan and Barbudans basic ICT skills thus giving them a foundation that will enable them to develop themselves and the community at large.

The first of four components – The Cadet Boot Camp program – is an entry level training program geared towards assisting unemployed and unskilled persons to gain hands-on experience and theoretical knowledge in the ICT Industry.

This will afford young Antiguans & Barbudans who graduated secondary school the opportunity to further their knowledge and skills in a related ICT field offered in the programs.

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