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Wednesday 4th February 2015

ST. JOHNS, ANTIGUA (February 3, 2015) – The Sandals Foundation has, for the fifth consecutive year, thrown its support behind the U Can Food Drive and the Book & Ball Sports Academy.

This year’s series of events officially kicked off this month with the opening of the traditional national basketball league where the food drive was launched.

Project coordinator Jasmin Underwood-Joseph noted that the US$10,000 annual support from the Sandals Foundation contributes to the programme’s sustained growth and momentum.

“We are very happy to have the support of the Sandals Foundation in our corner. They have stuck with us from the beginning and their contribution really goes a long way in keeping the programme going,” she said.

The basketball league in 2014 reached 179 young men and is geared towards promoting and developing sports, and the values of good sportsmanship. The tournament this year will shoot off following the Easter Break.

The community-based league involves more than a dozen teams from the Grays Farm, Green Bay, Five Island, Cooks, Gray Hill, Hatton, Bolans, Clare Hall, Fort Road, Yorks, St. John’s and Villa communities.

“The Sandals Foundation is pleased to continue partnering with programmes that engage young people through sports, helping them to develop discipline, confidence, team spirit, and healthy lifestyle habits, which are all important to their overall development,” said Heidi Clarke, director of programmes for the Sandals Foundation.

In 2014, the Sandals Foundation supported initiative saw the collection of food supplies from three public schools, basketball players in the league as well as from shoppers at certain local supermarkets. These food supplies went to over 20 households in 12 communities.

U Can Food Drive Program Coordinators Mr & Mrs Joseph

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