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Tuesday 12th August 2014

Press Release – As Antigua and Barbuda gets ready to compete in the World Domino Tournament in Barbados this week, Sandals Grande Antigua Resort and Spa has come forward in support of the national team.

The resort recently handed over monies to the National Domino Association’s team member Shashana Carter who will also compete in the world tournament.

Speaking at the presentation, General Manager of Sandals Grande Antigua Gaurav “Mr. G” Sindhi said, “It is always a pleasure to support our community but this is truly an opportunity to help push a sport that is often overlooked. We wish the national team much success as they go off to represent Antigua and Barbuda.”

Grateful for the financial support, Cater thanked Sandals. “I am very happy for the support and as a proud team member of the Sandals family, I hope to make them and my country proud. I know the national domino team will do our very best to bring home the trophy to Antigua.”

Treasurer of the Antigua and Barbuda National Domino Association Sharon Matthews hopes the partnership will continue with Sandals.

“We are very grateful to all of our sponsors to include Sandals Grande Antigua Resort and Spa. I know that this resort is always supporting community efforts and we are very grateful to be a recipient of their generosity.”

The World Domini Tournament will take place in Barbados from August 14-24. The team leaves the island between Wednesday and Thursday.


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