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Friday 21st March 2014

Dickenson Bay, Antigua March 21, 2014; To commemorate World Water Day, Sandals Grande Antigua Resort and Spa hosted over 70 students from across the island to bring awareness to the importance of conserving water.

The event, which was attended by students of the Cedar Grove Primary, Villa Primary, Weslyan Junior Academy and Antigua State College, included presentations on water management and also saw the grade 5 and 6 students engaging in a poster competition.

Speaking to the students on how Sandals conserves water, Plant Operator Andrew Belgrave explained, “Antigua is a water scarce island so in order to conserve water we have our own desalination plant on property. We have installed low flush toilets and low flow showers in all rooms. We also sub-meter our water to facilitate the early detection of leaks and faults in our water mains. Some of these measures can be applied in our own homes.”

Environment, Health and Safety Manager Andrea Marshall also encouraged the students to be environmentally friendly on a whole. “Not only is it important to conserve water but also energy as seen in the theme for World Water Day 2014 “Water and Energy”. They are interlinked and interdependent since energy is required to produce potable water. Recycling is another important element. We should always rethink, reduce, reuse, and recycle and that is why at Sandals all of our waste water is treated and reused to water our beautiful gardens.”

“As a small island that is heavily dependent on tourism, we are very strong proponents of sustainable tourism, so we incorporate environmental sensitivity into our daily hotel operations”, Marshall further stated.

After learning about water conservation, students brought out their creativity for the poster competition which saw one group from each primary school emerging winners. The posters explained why every drop of water counts, how the world would be dry without water and what measures should be taken to conserve water.

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