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Tuesday 18th September 2012
Mark Branker, best male vocalist.
The Sandals Luxury included™ Resorts pride themselves in having some of the most skilled team members in the region. 

Being aware of the multiplicity of talent throughout the Sandals and Beaches Resorts in the Caribbean; a show was initiated called ENCORE: “Entertainment Now Creates Opportunities for Rewarding Excellence” to showcase team members’ talents. 

This year all participating Sandals and Beaches resorts in Antigua, Bahamas, Jamaica, Turks and Caicos and St. Lucia conducted local shows where contestants competed in five categories namely: Female Model, Male Model, Female Singer, Male Singer and Best Dancer. 
In Antigua the following five contestants emerged winners: Rhea Pluck (Female Model); Willis Drew (Male Model); Iralyta Fabian (Female Singer); Mark Branker (Male Singer); and Stacy George (Dancer). 

They travelled to Jamaica to represent Antigua in the regional ENCORE show at Sandals Whitehouse, in Westmoreland. Upon arrival, the Antigua team was filled with excitement after a day of introductions, activities and relaxation. All teams were ready to compete on Saturday 8th September, 2012. 
The curtain opened on the female models showcasing their national costumes. A kaleidoscope of colours emerged on stage with Rhea from Antigua wearing her “Sand Goddess” costume depicting the immaculate 365 beaches in Antigua. The female models continued to sashay in beautiful evening gowns as well as skimpy swim wear. The male models strutted in their swim trunks showing off their well oiled, chiseled bodies luring the female audience members and soon after showcased their evening wear. Antiguan male model Willis worked the stage with his fashionable tailored suit while flirting with his stares and sultry smiles. The models were followed by the dance segment which showcased performances from various genres ranging from contemporary, hip hop to modern. 
The night of entertainment climaxed with Antigua song bird Iralyta giving a riveting performance. The ballroom stood still when Mark serenaded the audience with his enigmatic rendition of Adele’s, “One and Only”. It was his bid for vocal supremacy as his passion and emotions resonated with each note he sang.
After a spectacular two hour show, the results were in and Mark Branker from Sandals Antigua emerged the best male singer of the night. When asked about his win, Mark stated,  “This win is especially sweet because all of the competitors in my segment were from the entertainment department and were accustomed to performing. I’m proud to win as a member of the maintenance department. It’s our first.”
He continued, “ I was especially glad to have my wife there to support me because many times I was doubting myself and it was her steady confidence in me that boost me never to give up or give a mediocre performance. My family is priority to me because both my wife and daughter play a major role in encouraging me to be an excellent father and husband at home and a diligent employee at work and I’m very grateful to the management of Sandals for extending me that opportunity to share such an important moment.”
 Sandals Antigua team was strong and did a tremendous job. It is testament of the hard work and dedication that each team member demonstrated in representing Antigua.

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