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Thursday 28th June 2012

The Sandals Foundation publically announced its diamond sponsorship of CAMP GROW (Gaining a Respect for the Outdoors and our World) at the Gilbert Agricultural Rural and Development Center (GARD) on Tuesday, June 26.  The environmental camp for children between the ages of 8 and 11 is a collaborative effort between the Environmental Awareness Group (EAG) and GARD.  Thanks to the support of the Sandals Foundation, 30 scholarships will enable economically marginalized children to attend the camp free of charge.  

Sandals Foundation Representative Anne Harewood George expressed her excitement about the partnership.  “The Sandals Foundation focuses on education, community and the environment and we are thrilled to be involved in an initiative that clearly encompasses all three pillars.  The participants at CAMP GROW engage in educational activities in a communal setting outdoors and they are encouraged to respect and appreciate their environment,” commented Harewood George. 

CAMP GROW began last year with the objective of highlighting Antigua and Barbuda’s unique ecology while fostering responsible environmental stewardship.  The Director of Community Development in the Ministry of Social Transformation Brenda Thomas-Odlum applauded the partnership between the Sandals Foundation, EAG and GARD and said, “The government is proud to stand behind this collaboration because Camp Grow is making a positive contribution to community development by helping our children to gain self-confidence and acquire knowledge that will enable them to succeed in their future endeavours.”  EAG President Dr. Karron James echoed Mrs. Thomas-Odlum’s sentiments and urged members of the public and private sectors to support these types of initatives more frequently.  The two week camp runs from August 13-25.

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