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Wednesday 1st June 2011

Photo showing participants in the Sandals Foundation Court-a-thon are all smiles after finishing more than 30 laps.

The Antigua Girls High School continues to celebrate their 125th anniversary with an array of activities while the Sandals Foundation has partnered with the institution to commemorate over a century of outstanding contribution to Antiguan life. Following several activities to celebrate its marathon existence in the local community, the Antigua Girls High and Sandals Foundation joined hands to undertake a fundraising Court-A-Thon. Proceeds from the initiative will go toward the construction of a multi-purpose court. In the wee hours of the morning, dozens of participants gathered on property and walked around the school grounds for more than 90 minutes. Old girls and new girls adorned in their house colours showed their solidarity.
Several weeks earlier, participants were given pledge forms in order to collect funds for the event and   more than $4000 was raised to the delight of Principal Yvette Samuel. “This is a fantastic community event that helps to highlight the rich legacy of athletics at AGHS,” said Samuel. The students are in dire need of a proper athletic facility because they are currently relegated to using the YMCA, which is located off property. Participants who raised the most funds were awarded for their efforts. 

The Sandals Foundation’s Matthew Cornall stressed the importance of fundraising for such a worthy cause. “These young ladies have been winning netball championships for decades and it is clear that sports are a crucial component of the curriculum,” commented Cornall. Plans are already underway to hold another initiative with the hopes that even more funds will be raised so that the construction of the multi-purpose court can begin by the end of 2011.



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